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  1. Here is a quick video I made going over my impressions of the 5100s and a few install tips.
  2. Hey Thomas, Here is my review of the tires in a 20" size. I know its not exactly what you have, but hopefully you still find it useful!
  3. Bilstein 5100's on all 4 corners. 2nd from the top setting in the front. Had a shop swap the springs onto the new struts for $40, did the rest myself. Steering alignment done after install by a shop $85. Tip: You can install these without undoing the ball joint or even loosening the sway bar. Use a long breaker bar above the lower control arm and wedge it under the frame. Pull down on the bar to lower your lower control arm for more clearance. BFGoodrich 275/60/R20 Trail-Terrains T/A tires
  4. Finally took delivery on 07Feb19 of my 2018 LT Z71 Silverado 4x4 Crew Cab built 05Dec18. Notable Options: A95 - FRONT CLOTH BUCKET SEATS WITH HEATED SEAT AND WIRELESS CHARGING CGN - SPRAY-ON BED LINER RD4 - WHEELS, 20" POLISHED ALUMINUM PDU - ALL STAR EDITION Weather mats & wheel locks Black Front & Rear Bowties (negotiated) Black Front & Rear molded splash guards (negotiated) Future Plans: B8 5100 (RIDE HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE) - SHOCK ABSORBER 24-238304 (front) B8 5100 - SHOCK ABSORBER 33-238319 (rear) Either Wrangler Duratracs or Wildpeak ATW/3 275/60r20
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