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  1. I have a 2014 1500 high country. I had auto dimming mirrors but switched to used factory tow mirrors and now I dont have the dimming feature. I still have blinker, power fold, some mirror movement and some memory, do I need this part to get auto dim back on?
  2. Is there any chance nfab cab length rail step from 2008 1500 or 2500 fit a 2014 1500? or does anyone know the factory running board mounting bolt hole spacing for a 2008 1500 or 2500? would steps from a 2014 2500 fit a 2014 1500? thanks
  3. Thanks man I appreciate it! Also sorry for reminding you about them because that is annoying. I don’t want to keep bringing up negative things but I really like your set up and I’m just trying to prepare myself. Did you notice any difference in handling, accelerating, braking or fuel mileage when you leveled and got your BFGs? I want a higher profile sidewall on my tires because these low profiles seem a little harsh for a stock suspension. Also BFG all terrain are my favorite and they don’t make them for 22s.
  4. PEB, now that it’s almost 2 years since you had this issue with your wheels peeling do you still have them and have they gotten worse? i was interested in getting these because I want to downsize from the 22s that we’re on my HC when I got it used. Thanks
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