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  1. Chrome tip has been sold. Like new Magnaflow still for sale.
  2. Looks great! Details please. Are the factory or aftermarket?
  3. For sale is a practically brand new Magnaflow 12589 Stainless Oval Center / Offset Straight Through Muffler. I installed it and two weeks later put on a cat back system. Paid $146 for it and would like to get $75. Pics are of the actual item for sale. This muffler is a direct replacement for the factory muffler on a 2014 GMC Sierra 1500 5.3L but fits a wide range of applications. Just measure the length of your existing muffler and see if you have 22" of space. Sounds a little more throaty with a smooth deep tone. I'm located just West of Tampa Florida but can meet up within a reasonable distance. Magnaflow 12589 5'' x 11'' Oval Muffler Offset In/Center Out: 3'' Body Length: 22'' Overall Length: 28'' Core Size: 3'' Satin Finish Reversible For Custom Installation For Cars; Trucks and SUVs Straight-Through; Wide Open Design Great Sound -Has A Smooth; Deep Tone 100% Stainless Steel Construction All Welded. Built To Last. Lifetime Warranty Applications: Universal
  4. That just sucks. And one of the biggest reasons stopping me from lowering my truck. Imagine that happening to your 7000 lb vehicle at highway speeds.
  5. Very nice. I have a 2014 twin. Denali, 153" wheel base, Iridium Metallic.
  6. Don’t be scared by the price of the mount I used for my install. It’s been like 8,000 miles and it’s still rock solid. It’s gone up a $1 in price but still....9 bucks. Lol
  7. ....With that much of a deficit I might even consider putting bigger wheels and tires on it to get some attention.
  8. Yeah...a $20k loss on a new truck is not good at all. Under those circumstances I agree a private sale may be the best option. After the insulting offer you got from the dealer I’d look for a parking place across /next to them and leave it for sale on weekend days. Make a big sign that says “4-SALE $5k less than dealer.” Lol. .... I laugh but I’m not really kidding.
  9. Well...there’s a whole lot of inventory out there at the moment. And at the price you paid folks may want the new body Silverado instead. Plus the loan to value may not work out for a potential buyer as not many people are not going to pay cash for a $50k truck. I think If you are he’ll bent on ordering a 2020 then your only option is to trade it in. I’d try and work the deal with the same place you bought this one just to see if they can offer any loyalty credit.
  10. Because if your charging your phone you have to set it upside down or on its side. And due to the steep angle of the built in shelf, a plugged in, upside down phone doesnt sit very stable. And navigation is not as easy to read when the phone is on its side. For occasional use its fine but I practically live in my truck for work so I really need a stable location for my phone. Last, I have a 2014 which does not have Android or Apple Car play. So Im stuck with GM Intellilink which does not offer screen sharing. Im toying with the idea of upgrading this.
  11. Yeah....I tried a cup holder mount but didnt like anything about how it fit in my truck. Plus, like you I didnt like giving up one of my cup holders and it just seemed to bring the phone to close to me.
  12. Just wanted to share my cheap cell phone mount. I have a 2014 GMC Sierra 1500 Denali with the removable / relocatable cup holders. The face of the cup holder assembly is smooth and is a good place to mount a suction cup phone holder base like the one I bought from Amazon for a whopping $7.99. And the surprise is that the mount adjusts for height/length and tilt/angle. Seems very stable and holds tight. Best $8 I've spent in a long time. Link to mount https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07F462SXM/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  13. I have a 2014 Sierra Denali with factory CD player and my link head unit display. I see that companies offer to sell you a DVD player and wiring harness for this option but it costs a lot of gold. Was wondering if anyone had any insight into doing this mod. What all would be needed? Is it even doable on an old 2014 truck that didnt come with factory DVD player??
  14. I cant see how the geometry of shock extenders vs. shorter shocks would make any difference?
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