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  1. For a 2019 at4 with motofab 1.5 level would it be possible to run 35x12.50 r18 NITTO TRAIL GRAPPLERS on stock wheels, and also if wanted a small spacer all around? Or no spacer it decided.
  2. Not sure that the news of the 6.2 in the TB would have made me wait as I’ve only had my AT4 For 5 days. I went with the GMC because I felt like I wanted to get the most out of a new truck and with cameras, engine , cooled seats, rear view camera and multipro I feel the GMC was a bit more geared towards those that wanted more goodies or a more higher trimmed model. I’ve had 6 Chevy trucks and loved them all. But going to a GMC has a familiar but new and exciting way about it.
  3. Dam! Over the last few months of looking around here and seeing all these great trucks you corrupted me lol. Just picked up my AT4 Yesterday. Couldn’t be happier!
  4. Hey guys! 14 Silverado & 13 GTR owner looking to sell both and get in to a AT4. Not having much luck finding what I’m looking for in North Jersey. Most dealers around here are not willing to budge for anything other then the 3500 rebate. Any good GMC dealers someone has dealt with in the New Jersey area?
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