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  1. No I haven’t. I am thinking it’s the AFM system.
  2. I have been having a similar issue, seems to be after v4 to v8 and under 2000rpms with the greatest noise being at 1100-1300. The rpms fluctuate up and down 200 with steady pedal. I’m over the “warranty” and have been told numerous possibilities as to the cause. It sounds like a chatter, with vibration, and after reading some of the forums I have been driving in M5 without the noise. Can I continue driving it like that? Is it ok to do at interstate speeds? I love the truck otherwise but now wish I had kept my Toyota.
  3. Yeah it’s disappointing for sure. Unless I own something else under warranty they won’t ever touch another vehicle I own.
  4. These parts are trash and GM knows it. I had it replaced by the dealer, it worked till the warrantee ran out and went bad. They wanted $1300 the first time but GM had some assistance program (I think it should be a free recall) so I paid a few hundred. Now the new one has gone out and it’s out of warrantee. Poor quality and service
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