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  1. It wound up being my torque converter was going out I got my transmission rebuilt no more issues. Also I was having an issue with my mileage and weird shifting that I thought was related to the tranny, turns out that was the MAF sensor needing to be cleaned. That was easy to do just buy the cleaner made for it.
  2. No I haven’t. I am thinking it’s the AFM system.
  3. I have been having a similar issue, seems to be after v4 to v8 and under 2000rpms with the greatest noise being at 1100-1300. The rpms fluctuate up and down 200 with steady pedal. I’m over the “warranty” and have been told numerous possibilities as to the cause. It sounds like a chatter, with vibration, and after reading some of the forums I have been driving in M5 without the noise. Can I continue driving it like that? Is it ok to do at interstate speeds? I love the truck otherwise but now wish I had kept my Toyota.
  4. Yeah it’s disappointing for sure. Unless I own something else under warranty they won’t ever touch another vehicle I own.
  5. These parts are trash and GM knows it. I had it replaced by the dealer, it worked till the warrantee ran out and went bad. They wanted $1300 the first time but GM had some assistance program (I think it should be a free recall) so I paid a few hundred. Now the new one has gone out and it’s out of warrantee. Poor quality and service
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