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  1. Has anyone had an issue with the large towing mirrors on the Max Tow Package trucks not folding in all way? My driver side seems to be very stubborn when it gets below freezing, even after I push and pull the mirror to reset it. It was especially bad this morning when I parked at work. I almost wonder if there is some water getting into it and its freezing up since I never seem to have a problem when it warmer out.
  2. What was the specific code? That will be a lot more helpful in determining the problem than Autozone telling you it is a MAF code. I don't trust any of the people behind the counters of these parts stores to even pull the right part anymore (and half the time they don't).
  3. This the the best method for changing transmission fluid. I've used this method for over 20 years on dozens of vehicles and have never had an issue with a failing transmission. But I also don't let my transmissions go 100K+ miles like so many people seem to do before changing the fluid. Also don't like this new "lifetime fluid" nonsense so many car manufacturers are trying to get away with either. But then again they don't care if you don't change the "lifetime fluid" and then the transmission dies after 100K, its out of warranty and time for you to buy a new vehicle anyway.
  4. Sound like you didn't do enough research and took it to a shop that has no idea what its doing. I would sell the L99 and get an L86 since that would be the best choice for a motor swap for your truck. I would also take it to a shop that knows more than the current one does, since they apparently didn't have the sense to tell you this was a bad idea from the start. Sounds like they were more interested in how much money they could get out of you rather than doing a proper engine swap.
  5. Cloth or Leather seats? I had a 2015 Sierra that was cloth and the seat warmers did not seem to get as warm as the ones in the 2018 Sierra that I just got a couple weeks ago with leather. They were better than not having seat warmers in the 2015 but I usually have to turn the ones down on the 2018 after only a few minutes, they seem to get very warm very fast.
  6. They do have rubber isolators, unfortunately those are what was causing the noise on my truck. I tried to clean them and then lube them first, which helped for a short period of time before going right back to making the noise. If you put the rubber gasket material between the isolator pad and the leaf spring, the clunking will stop. It is a good idea to check the torque on the u-bolts as well, some are loose from the factory and this will contribute to the noise. There was a post earlier this year in regard to this issue, I know others have done the same thing I did with the gasket material to fix this annoying problem. https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/225285-leaf-clunk/#comments
  7. I do IT for a hospital and we have more problems with iOS than anything else. Its a terrible operating system in all regards, especially in corporate environments. While Android isn't perfect by any means, I tell every doctor and executive to get rid of their iphones and get a good Android whenever they have issues. Those that listen are amazed at how they no longer need to call the help desk for support every other week on their iphones because their email stopped working again. And I'm not even going to get started on the issues with our corporate security software on the iphones.
  8. Currently right around $2.60 in Central IL for 87. A little over $3 for premium at the places that carry it.
  9. Had this problem with my 2015 Sierra after about a year of ownership. I ended up buying some rubber gasket material at Menards that is in the plumbing section. I cut out some squares and put them in between the pads on the leaf springs. Fixed the issue immediately. I just traded that truck off for a 2018 Sierra and haven't experienced any clunking with my new truck but if I do I'll be applying the same fix. Not sure why GM can't put decent leaf spring pads on but apparently this is a fairly common issue. It sounds awful when it does it. Here is a link to what I bought at Menards in case you don't have them in your area. You can probably get the same stuff at any hardware store. https://www.menards.com/main/plumbing/plumbing-installation-repair/faucet-repair/o-rings-faucet-washers/danco-trade-rubber-gasket-sheet/9d00059849/p-1444428632074.htm
  10. Probably a lot better than the what they used. I have poly bushings on my 94 Z28 and use the silicone grease, it definitely doesn't sound like this when going over bumps. I even tried using the silicone lube spray on the my leaf springs to see if it would help but it was only a very temporary fix. My guess is it attracted dirt after a few days and it went right back to clunking again.
  11. Not currently but I could probably take some and post them later today. I probably made them longer than they needed to be but I wasn't sure exactly what was making the noise. I think it is just the pad rubbing against the springs as they move up and down. If GM had used a better pad, this probably wouldn't happen. I've had my truck for over 1.5 years now, it just started making the noise during the winter. Not sure if it was the fact that it was really cold this winter or what. Also, I only have 26K on this truck but the 3 year regular warranty was up so I figured it out myself rather than spend money at a dealer.
  12. I just dealt with this on my 2015 Sierra, it kept getting worse since the winter. Every time I went in or out of my driveway it sounded like my entire rear end was banging around. Tried tightening the u bolts and lubricating the pads for the springs, it helped for a bit and then came back even worse. A couple weeks ago I got some gasket rubber from the plumbing department at my local Menards and cut that to the width of the springs and put it between them. Absolutely no clunking noise anymore. Cheap and easy fix although I'm not sure why GM can't bother to put good pads on their leaf springs.
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