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  1. That list is extremely out of date unfortunately. Both USCO gas stations in Pekin were closed and reopened with the E85 pumps removed over 10 years ago. The East Peoria Thorton's is the closest one to me and its a 20 minutes drive.
  2. I also don't understand Illinois when it comes to E85. You would think we would have the same prices as availability as Iowa since we grow almost the same amount of corn. Nope. I live in a town with an ethanol plant and there isn't a single E85 station left here. We had 3 or 4 of them around 10+ years ago, now they are all gone and the closest pump is about 20 minutes away. Maybe I can get the plant to sell me some in a 55 gallon drum and just mix my own E85. Probably not given this states ridiculous alcohol laws.
  3. Both my 2015 and my 2018 come on with this message every time its around freezing. Probably something in the PCM/BCM that might be able to be changed to stop it but no idea if anyone has found a way to reprogram it to turn it off. I just ignore it, especially when there is 10 inches of snow on the ground like this morning.
  4. Not to mention where are all these people who live in cities in apartments planning on plugging in to charge their vehicles? Lots of people in large cities park on the street, having a car charger for every parking spot is going to cost a massive amount of money and time to build such infrastructure to support this. This all reminds me of back in the 80/90s when California was going to mandate emissions free cars for the entire state and GM came out with the EV1. It didn't work then and it isn't going to work now or 15 years in the future. GM ended up forcing every EV1 driver to return the cars and crushed them so they wouldn't have to support them. There are some people that an EV car will work for but for most people they just don't. Until you can charge the car up in the same time as an ICE vehicle anywhere and get the same range, most people won't be making an EV car purchase. Those that buy them now are generally very wealthy people who have multiple vehicles. Not to mention where all the power is going to come from to charge these things, as more than a few others in this threat have pointed out.
  5. Mine was similar to this with the Moderna vaccine but the shivering was also with what I believe was a fever and a lot of sweating. Felt bad enough to have to take the day off work as I woke up about 5am with those symptoms. Felt fine later that day. Just got my 2nd shot this morning, hopefully it won't be as bad since my body has built up some resistance with the first vaccine. I work at a hospital and the results have been all over the place since we started back in mid-December. Some people have no reaction, others have mild or moderate symptoms like what I had. So far no severe reactions at all that they have reported, which is good. We have also moved on to the 1B stage with 65+ with health issues getting the vaccine first. Nothing major has been reported in those patients either.
  6. Same issue on both my 2015 5.3 and 2018 6.2 Sierras. Mileage is off by 0.8 to 2.2, more accurate in the winter and less accurate in the summer. I had calculate every time I fill up just to see how far off it is. My 2018 is almost always 2.0-2.2 except in the winter, when its more like 1.3-1.5 off. I wish there was something the PCM/TCM/BCM programming that we could look at to see how it does the calculation and why it is so far off. Its almost as if the calculations is ignoring some portion of the fuel usage, like when idling while in drive or something.
  7. Up thru 95 they came with the thermal style actuator. Had the same problem in my 95 Tahoe where the 4x4 would not engage due to the actuator not getting hot enough anymore. Since you already have to replace it, go with the newer electronic style actuator from the 96-99 trucks, they work much better than the old thermal style. I did this in my 95 Tahoe year ago and it was one of the better upgrades for that old truck. There used to be a good writeup online with all the part #s and walk thru but it seems like the link is broken these days. If I remember correctly you'll need to add a 12V ignition switched power to the new actuator.
  8. TSB 18-NA-355 can be done in or out of warranty and has nothing to do with the bumper-to-bumper or powertrain warranty. Your dealer is lying to you if they are telling you otherwise. The TSB involves fully flushing the old fluid and using the new blue label Mobil 1 HP LV fluid. It probably does take around 20 quarts to do a full flush for this procedure. As far as fixing the issue, I had it done my truck last year around April due to the hard 1-2 shift when the fluid was cold. Fixed the issue immediately and haven't had a problem since.
  9. This right here. The infrastructure for electric cars isn't there and it will cost billions to make it capable of handling the load required. Not to mention where is all this energy going to come from? Solar and wind? Those can't even supply what we now need, let alone what we will need when 90+% of the vehicles on the road are electric. Right now electricity is cheap in many areas but once everyone has to start paying for all that infrastructure and power plants, the costs will skyrocket. If people think $4-5 gas is expensive, wait until you are paying $1+ for a kWh of electricity for all your power needs at home and for your electric car. Those electric cars will cost more to buy and more to operate than anyone in this country is going to be willing to pay.
  10. I've bought a lot of tires online over the years. I have 2 Camaros and it gets harder every year to find good quality tires in the size that they both use (245/50r16). Local places never have anything in stock other than cheap, Chinese made garbage tires that will never go on my vehicles. I've bought from Tire Rack before and just had to get new tires for my 94 Camaro this year. Ended up getting them from Walmart of all places, they had BFGoodrich GForce Sport COMP2 tires cheaper than anywhere else with free shipping. I'm sure getting tires for my truck won't be much of an issue when she finally needs them. Everyone seems to have a number of choices for 20" wheels these days.
  11. You should have told them to check again. I had my oil cooler lines replaced under my powertrain warranty last year around May due to this same issue. Dealer did it without any issue and no cost to me.
  12. Had a similar issue on my 2018, tried cleaning up the grounds, added an extra ground to the driver side from the battery terminal, neither of which did much. Ended up replacing the entire negative battery cable, which fixed the problem. Apparently there are issues with these cables that cause all these issues and replacing them is the only real fix.
  13. Z71 isn't a trim level, its a suspension package option. You need to verify what transmission you have in your truck as there is a big difference between the 6 speed and the 8 speed autos. They use different filters and fluids. If you really do have the 8 speed then you should be using the new Mobil 1 HP LV fluid with the new blue label. This is the fluid that replaced the older fluid due to issue with shifting and TCC lockup in the 8 speeds. https://www.amazon.com/Mobil-124715-Synthetic-Quart-Bottles/dp/B07Q3H159N Otherwise, if you have the 6 speed you can just use regular Dexron VI.
  14. I have the AFE 51-74104 and a borla touring cat back on my truck. Data logging with HP tuners showed about a 10HP/TQ increase for each. I did notice a bit of an increase in noise at WOT with the AFE but nothing too loud. I'm also glad I went with the borla touring rather than one of the louder exhaust options, the touring gives a much nicer sound over the stock exhaust but doesn't wake up my entire neighborhood when I start the truck in the morning (I have one of my Camaros for that if I really feel like it). Also I don't notice any drone when in V4 mode, at least in the cabin. Data logging hasn't shown any need for a tune with these changes although I'm sure the truck would benefit from it and see even better gains. Waiting until the warranty is up before I start the tuning process. And I need to work out the best way to get the extra T87A controller I bought setup to work with my truck. HP Tuner unlock is great but expensive if you need an extra controller so you truck isn't down for a week or 2.
  15. TF922 is the part number you need for the 8 speed transmission. Amazon has it here: https://www.amazon.com/ACDelco-TF922-Professional-Automatic-Transmission/dp/B010GPPRQ0/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=TF922&qid=1605879158&sr=8-1 Unfortunately Amazon's parts checker leaves a lot to be desired. If you put in a 2018 Chevy Silverado 1500, it tells you this part won't fit your truck even though it does. I've seen that with a lot of parts on Amazon, so always verify that the part you need is correct. Rock Auto has always been a good cross reference for parts or you can always use Advance Auto, Autozone, Oreilly, or NAPA. No need to waste money buying parts from a dealer if you know how to verify the part numbers unless you really enjoy paying the excessive dealer markup.
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