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  1. I find shifting to me rougher all around. as far as plugging it in. I never take it out. The obdii port cuts power. I have left it in for weeks with no issue.
  2. I noticed about 1 mpg or so loss on the highway. Much more around town but thats due to my right foot and wanting to hear my exhaust.
  3. That is strange. I have had mine plugged in for about 3 months straight and my on star diagnostics come through just fine.
  4. I wonder if they are a different grade (5 vs 8 )? Since I'm still in warranty I ordered new parts and will install per Chevy instructions posed above just in case something happens. Ahh maybe I should just get a lift.
  5. Makes me wonder why they wouldn't just put the final torque spec?
  6. Good to know. This was my fear from the beginning that the DFM engines would see lifter failures like the AFM engines. For me if the Range helps cut down on lifter failures its cheap insurance.
  7. Does your truck have AFM or DFM? I know some 2019s still have AFM
  8. Nope just unplug it when you take it to the dealer. It does not leave anything in the computer so the dealership won’t know unless you leave it plugged in or you tell them.
  9. There are plenty of threads on this but for me I paid for a V8 and I want a V8. Besides the fact that AFM was plagued with lifter failures and oil consumption issues. The people who had their engine in V8 all the time has much less of this happen. For me the little bit of fuel savings won’t even out $$$ wise for repair costs. Granted it’s under warranty for repairs. But like I said before I paid for a V8 and want a V8 not some other number of cylinders.
  10. I do have a clunking and I thought it was my rear end locker engaging and disengaging. I just tightened these down about 30 mins ago and have not driven it yet. But I do hope this helps
  11. Good to know. I know there are some beta testers with the 10 sp maybe they can chime in?
  12. I beta tested and I love it. I will continue to use it. I recommend the buy if you want to have it in V8 and stop auto/stop start. I only take mine out when going to the dealer for service and then plug it right back in. I had no real issues to speak of though you will feel a more rough transmission shift. At least i did with my 8 sp trans. No CEL or any other issues. I never had to send my unit back for any updates. Worked from day 1 of beta testing the whole way through. I did notice a slight drop in MPG by about 2 mpg but that is because I was having fun in V8. When on the highway I was only about .2-.5 mpg less on normal highway trips. So really not that bad.
  13. I know when Beta testing they had users for the 10 speed. It may be worth a call to Range and double check that they didn't just mistype and forget the 10 speed.
  14. Where are these U bolts located? Does anyone have a pic or can explain where these are so I can check mine? Edit: if you are talking about the bolts for the leaf springs I just checked those and mine were not even at 60 ft lb. I tightened mine to 60, then 70, then 85 ft lb.
  15. I was hoping for this too. I wanted to add my own. I am not sure why in this day and age Chevy thought it was a good idea to not include that.
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