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  1. Hey all I just traded in my truck and have both the Range Pulsar LT and the obdii plug in for sale. Sold. Pulsar LT $350 Afm/Dfm disabler $125
  2. Just traded my truck and have one of these for sale
  3. Are yours power fold, heated, and task lights? I have an LTZ with the smaller mirrors which are power fold, heated, and task lights. Where are you located? Did you find out if the wiring harness will be a clean swap?
  4. I have considered dropping the profiles. My radio takes too long to load. If you do this will the seats still adjust to each key? If my wife drives the truck she is much shorter so having the key settings is nice. But if it solves loading screen issues it may be worth it.
  5. Ahh ok I thought there was some new cool thing that went in there which I needed to spend money on. It would be cool to put some lights or something in there.
  6. Just about any aftermarket exhaust is going to pop its part of the sound people normally want. The stock exhaust will quiet that down. I've had Flowmasters in the past and currently have the Borla S type and they all do it. There is no "fix" for it other than stock exhaust.
  7. I have this same issue but I never plug my phone in with CarPlay I always use bluetooth and I get this repeatedly. I have had the dealer update me to the 808 version and it still does it. I just have found if I turn the truck on and sit for 2 mins for everything to load it has less of a chance to reboot.
  8. I had that same issue on my 2019 LTZ. It stopped doing it after a couple weeks. Check to see if there are any updates.
  9. I was having issues with my infotainment so I took it to the dealer for repair and they installed v808. I am not sure how well it works just yet but as you said it was only available via dealer.
  10. I find shifting to me rougher all around. as far as plugging it in. I never take it out. The obdii port cuts power. I have left it in for weeks with no issue.
  11. I noticed about 1 mpg or so loss on the highway. Much more around town but thats due to my right foot and wanting to hear my exhaust.
  12. That is strange. I have had mine plugged in for about 3 months straight and my on star diagnostics come through just fine.
  13. I wonder if they are a different grade (5 vs 8 )? Since I'm still in warranty I ordered new parts and will install per Chevy instructions posed above just in case something happens. Ahh maybe I should just get a lift.
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