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  1. Hey so on my 2021 AT4 with stock UCA and Stock 20" wheels I added 305/55 R20 Yokohoma MTs and I am very close to the UCA, but not touching it. If I added teh 2" RC leveling kit, does it move the UCA up or down or would I have the same amount of room? I hate to pay for the kit and have a shop install and then my tires don't fit. Thanks for any info.
  2. I know I watched somebody on YouTube buy a grill overlay that is held on by 3m tape. It looked pretty good and seemed to fit well. Only issues on the 2 installs I watched both had to make an opening for the front camera. Most people on the bezel was getting it vinyl wrapped or painting them.
  3. I did already, because I want to level my truck and some of the kits are different. My front and back are right around 2” off.
  4. Yeah I used plasti dip on my wheels, emblems and tail pipes.
  5. Thanks for all the information, I have definitely learned a lot from reading everything. It was all a lot to take in at first, but it’s clicking now lol.
  6. This may be a dumb question. If I just change the springs instead of a level would I change UCAs still?
  7. Yeah the 2 dealers in my area both say they use RC 2” level. One uses the regular trucks kit and shaves the kit down some. Neither use other kits and change UCAs. They claim Gm authorizes them to use RC kit. I don’t know enough about it all to argue with them. It makes me nervous though after talking with some on here and after doing some other research. I don’t do any off-roading and pretty much just drive to and from work around 20 minutes. So I don’t need anything crazy expensive. I also don’t want to go cheap either, but good quality. I mostly just want to level out
  8. Nice. Do you have the arms and their 1” level kit?
  9. Ok I was curious about that. I’ll stay away from that. I talked to another dealership in my area and they said they use the RC kit also. They claim GM authorizes them to use it and they have had no issues. I told them I would want my control arms changed and they said they don’t mess with those if I had an issue lol. So I’m torn on what to. Do the kit and take my chances, because if I have an issue they will cover me? Or buy something else and try to find a shop yo install it. Also what’s your take on after market cold air intakes? I forgot to ask the second dealership.
  10. Yeah that’s why I’ve been reading on here and looking up kits and things. I want to do it right. I’m new to all this. My 15 model I just took it to a shop and had them put on a level. Yeah I even called the service manager at the dealership and he said you had to be very careful. He said the kit for the AT4s by RC he didn’t like. He said he uses the kit for the regular kit and grinds part of the spacer down and angles it. He said he’s had no issues on any of the trucks he’s done it that way. He also said they would cover any issue. It still makes me nervous. So do you think
  11. Yeah I’ve looked at some and my tires wouldn’t work. I think I’m just going to let the dealer do it and see how it goes lol.
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