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  1. Had wife's done yesterday so far no issues little over 100 miles in. in all fairness have not had a single issue yet though with 13k on it and second oil change done
  2. yea i live in that area east of the lake i do not use sand bags or salt in our daily drivers(all our vehicles are 4x4) my plow truck yes just for ballast when the v plow is on. like now
  3. ours has build date of 5/19 in fort wayne 11k so for with no issues fingers crossed i guess i do feel sorry for everyone that has had problems its a lot of money to spend and get all the issues and no support
  4. with the single speed transfer in sport mode emulates a lo range... according to the gm owners manual..i personally have not tried it yet..as others stated in 40 yrs of 4x4 trucks i have used low range very limited times mainly going slow back down mountain passes ..and yes i can get stuck in high range quite sufficiently . Btw i do not agree with GM's choice to put the single speed in however
  5. i think they look good..a nice clean finished look and here in the north east we need the stainless. at least they last a year or two..
  6. center of the state here 58 miles east of Rochester and 40 miles NW of syracuse
  7. these are factory gm i think are 4 inch round they have good clearance i do not off road much so they are used as bump guards from the daily shopping carts and steps for entry for my wife
  8. i really looked all over for neoprene but could not bring myself to pay 6-8 hundred dollars for seat covers..when i found these i read a bunch on them and whats strange to me is i got them through carid for half the cost if ordered through coverking.. i personally cannot find enough difference in these and real to justify the price for two rows (even though rears were not correct and returned) was just over 300.00 most want that a row
  9. these have been on since shortly after getting the truck in June.(they have 10k miles on them now) sorry they are not great pictures with resizing and the truck is put away for the snow and salt months
  10. i have cloth seats and my interior in dark atmosphere in color i also made sure the covers were made to use with the heated seats and airbags etc...
  11. hi MacLaren i cannot get a picture tonight but i can tomorrow i have neosupreme covers from coverking on my 2019 two tone black/camo i bought them thru Carid for like buck and a half per row. they came with and install kit included ..i installed them in less than an hour (having never done fitted covers) and i took my time. imho they fit great made the seats much more comfortable than with out.. of course they are a knock off of real neoprene but less then half the price too. biggest issue i had was they do not(even yet) make them for the rear seats in the 2019. i looked to see two days ago for rears...they really are pretty nice covers and they do great job making them and coverking has great video on installing..we have a yellow lab that never stops shedding and the clean up really easy.. and are pretty much water proof as well and bunch of options on colors
  12. we got the Gm interlocking all weather mats with our bonus points front and rear they cover the carpet pretty much completely and yes under the fuel and brake pedals(be pretty much useless here in snow country if they did not) i will get some pics in the daylight as of today it snowed so its done being driven till spring time
  13. i used like a 1\2 to 3\4 long by 1\8-3\16 Christmas tree push pins i had laying around the house ... sorry haven't gotten pics up truck is the wife's DD and she gets home after dark daily also when i used these push pins they were a bit bigger then the sent plastic rivets so i had to gentle tap them into the holes in the hood with a rubber mallet just until they would hold the shield
  14. i have an AVS bugflectorII. it was ok install once i got some plastic push clips that were actually big enough to hold it in place the provided plastic rivets are useless.. i will try to get pics up later it actually looks ok on it and the smoke color blends pretty well with the satin steel paint scheme
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