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  1. we got the Gm interlocking all weather mats with our bonus points front and rear they cover the carpet pretty much completely and yes under the fuel and brake pedals(be pretty much useless here in snow country if they did not) i will get some pics in the daylight as of today it snowed so its done being driven till spring time
  2. i used like a 1\2 to 3\4 long by 1\8-3\16 Christmas tree push pins i had laying around the house ... sorry haven't gotten pics up truck is the wife's DD and she gets home after dark daily also when i used these push pins they were a bit bigger then the sent plastic rivets so i had to gentle tap them into the holes in the hood with a rubber mallet just until they would hold the shield
  3. i have an AVS bugflectorII. it was ok install once i got some plastic push clips that were actually big enough to hold it in place the provided plastic rivets are useless.. i will try to get pics up later it actually looks ok on it and the smoke color blends pretty well with the satin steel paint scheme
  4. i have a lt dbl cab with motofab 1.5 level with 5.3l
  5. '19 lt dbl cab and get this same popping alot in the course of a drive to work about 40 miles one way it has 6000 miles and getting worse with time and miles
  6. ours will make noise in rear brake area. but only seems to be first movement of the day on a uneven stone drive, but seems to be everyday....weather wet or dry out
  7. '19 silverado 5.3l lt 50/50 city-highway mileage over 2200 miles avg is right around 22.5mpg we did see 25mpg avg over last weekend ..
  8. mine were trimmed slightly on passengers side only just the far back lip so the storage could sit level on the floor,
  9. after reading this thread this morning i emailed them within an hour i had the build sheet in my email
  10. straight motofab 1.5 level on stock everything.it does actually have about 3/4 inch rake yet this was bought for the wife as her grocery getter gator sfx cover motofab 1.5 level and other goodies
  11. That is really funny as i am waiting on mine to be here today (not weather tec however) for the same reason to let the 120# yellow lab bounce about back there when we go to the lake for the week prior to and thru labor day..as well my neoprene seat covers will be here tomorrow..
  12. i bought the gator sfx tri-fold .Lt with 6'6" bed ..it was cheap and wasn't expecting a lot from it. i was however pleasantly surprised when i installed it me and a family member (who works in this type field) both swore it was an extang cover ...except it says gator on..so far no issues been on the truck for 3 weeks
  13. sorry no pics yet but just brought it home. lt all-star with a few option packs satin-steel dbl cab. ordered floor liners stake pocket plugs:) bedcover carwell t32 rust inhibator motofab 1.5" levelkit so far ;)
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