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  1. Really just a rant, as I figure there's no fix for this... I have experience with the buggy center stack/infotainment system in my 2014 Volt. Today I experienced my first bug with my 2019 Silverado Custom with the base IOR system. I had the iPhone plugged in, using nav via Car Play. Suddenly the system decided to drop both the Car Play and the Bluetooth connections, Car Play closes and the icon turns grey, and I couldn't reconnect the phone to the system at all. Neither USB nor Bluetooth worked. Whenever the system would crash on the Volt, if it didn't reboot itself (which it would sometimes do while driving), I would have to "reboot the car" by parking, shutting the car off, getting out, locking the doors, unlocking the doors, getting back in and starting it back up, after which everything would work again. Lo and behold, I did this with the truck, and everything started working again. Nice to know the same old GM software bugs are alive and well in 2019... Is there a way to do the truck version of Ctrl-Alt-Del without having to perform the Chinese fire drill?
  2. Black is the sharpest color for a Silverado Custom. I looked at other colors and none looked as sharp as black. Black is beautiful. When it's clean... But trucks aren't supposed to be clean (at least that's what I keep telling myself?). After the first couple of months I don't mind anymore when it gets dirty. It makes me think it's being used the way it's supposed to be used. I just wash it once a week whether it needs it or not (and it always needs it). My next truck will be a higher trim model, and will NOT be black.
  3. Maybe GM can save us from ourselves by adding the power-lift option to the MPT and adding a proximity sensor that will detect any obstruction, such as a hitch, and halt the tailgate from opening any further? Modern vehicles have all kinds of nanny doodads to protect us from our inattentiveness, so something like this shouldn't be difficult. Sure beats removing the hitch. I do agree that providing the ability to lock the load stop in the extended position would be a no-brainer. That omission was just ridiculous.
  4. I just got used to keeping it on me holstered. If I'm going where I know I cannot carry (like work) I usually leave it home, otherwise lock it in a secured under-seat vault, but if I'm carrying it stays on my person even in the vehicle.
  5. ^^ Ditto this. Also, what does the dealer need in order to program the unit? I ran across an issue with the Trailering Hookup Assist app where GM wouldn't provide the unlock code for the dealer to install it, because my truck didn't originally come with the option (which was the whole point of having the dealer install it!). I don't want to spend hundreds of $ just to hit a brick wall when it comes to programming.
  6. This bears investigation. Does anyone have a pic of the wiring harness and connector behind the dash that the controller plugs into? I can then verify whether or not my Custom has it.
  7. This is interesting, and counter to just about everything I've read on here. So, it's only impossible on WT and Custom/Custom TB trucks?
  8. Nope. The only option is an aftermarket controller. Although, I suppose it would be *possible* if you are willing to tear apart half the truck, and replace several wiring harnesses and modules, and maybe the instrument cluster, and then hope that GM will give you the unlock codes for reprogramming. Which is another way of saying, nope, not possible.
  9. I have approximately 2000 miles on my Custom with the 20-inchers, and so far they have been smooth as silk. Maybe I just got lucky?
  10. I've always been a Black is Beautiful kind of car guy, but yesterday I was sitting at a stoplight and a Red Quartz AT4 drove past on the intersecting road. It was surprisingly attractive, much more beautiful than in any pictures I've seen.
  11. IMHO the 2019 is easier to read. The 2018 speedo looks crowded. Plus I don't care for chrome rings and bling, but that's just my taste.
  12. And another misnomer is that OHC engines are more "modern." Nah, had a '66 Tempest with the 230ci OHC "Cammer" straight 6. Not new, not better, just different.
  13. I have the GM tri-fold soft tonneau cover, and the pressure when fastened prevents the tailgate from opening on its own. So I don't use the inside button, I just use either the fob or tailgate button and tug on it as it unlatches. I see it as a trade-off for keeping the bed covered & dry. If I'm hauling stuff I usually have the cover folded open so then it's a non-issue.
  14. Every test drive should include some stretch at highway speeds. Test drove my Silverado, and a base Sierra X31, both were smooth on the highway but the X31 was more unruly on poorly maintained side roads. No shake whatsoever on smooth expressways with either one.
  15. My first truck was a 2001 Ranger, 2WD reg cab with the 2.3L and 5-speed. That was a fun little hauler. Got rid of it when we had a kid and needed a back seat; we had wagons and SUV's, but it wasn't the same. When I bought my last house (fixer-upper) I needed a truck again, and got a 2011 Ram 1500 Big Horn quad cab. Hauled, towed, threw bikes in the back on a regular basis. Sold that house from under me and have been renting until the kid graduates, at which point I'll be looking for property again in another town. But even in a rental, I often found myself wanting or needing a truck. Glad to be back in one finally.
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