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  1. Tomorrow will be 2 months and I’m almost at 8k....besides the hard downshift when coming out of highway speeds I’m happy with the 10 speed....18mpg average ain’t too shabby either!
  2. I just got mine back this morning. I had service steering lock message and side detection unavailable. They say it’s a video module and it has to be ordered. Don’t know why those 2 are connected but they say that’s it. Will update after parts come in. Also did the emissions update to get rid of cel periodically coming on.
  3. I got the same warning when I first bought my truck. It hasn’t shown back up in several weeks but I also have the steering column noise. I’m gonna take mine in for service when I get home from my trip in a few weeks. I have service tpms light and the emissions check engine light. I also have a hard downshift when highway speeds and let off the pedal. Still leaps and bounds better than my ford!!
  4. I was on a 1600 mile one way trip today and got the same check engine light...I was at 1650 on the odometer when it came on...OnStar ran diagnostics and told me to service at my convenience...it’s 20° where I’m at and would like to remote start...won’t be home until the 16th...I did get 20.5mpg over the 1630 miles...way better than my 19 power stroke
  5. You can do it if your iPhone is jail broken with an app called CarBridge....it works with everything so far except Netflix and directv now....
  6. Did mine tonight...looks good on the dark sky metallic.
  7. Are y’all taking them off to do it?? How do you get them off if so??
  8. It’s a little darker....looks good to me though....
  9. Picked mine up tonight....rides like a dream!
  10. Msrp of 78505....first responder price before taxes and using gm financing for 4 payments was quoted $69432.....it’ll be here on the 28th....dark sky metallic Denali 2500.
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