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  1. Hello everyone, I manufacture ABS Plastic lettering for a LARGE variety of cars and truck tailgates and have a request. I know the new high country grills have the words “High Country” embosses in them and want to make some letters that go inside this space to make it pop! Can I ask anyone for help to take some close up photos with a ruler so i can make this happen?
  2. People have tried vinyl but the surface in the letters is a “mesh” so there isn’t any area to stick to so the vinyl just comes off in the rain or heat
  3. I actually manufacture ABS Plastic Letters for the Tailgate and would love to work with you to figure out a way to do this, to make the grill lettering red or other colors using plastic, metal, acrylic or something of the sort. Let me know how you did it! Thanks!
  4. Let me know if you think of a way to do this because I manufacture letters for the Tailgate on the 2019 Silverado from ABS Plastic and im sure we can do the same for the front grill with your help.
  5. Hello everyone, I actually manufacture a large variety of inserts for Tailgates and other items from 1/16” ABS Plastic which is MUCH more durable than Vinyl and would like to work with some of you here to make the perfect fit inserts for the “CHEVROLET” Grill, let me know if someone wants to help us all out to make some ABS Plastic inserts for the grill!
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