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  1. Is there anyway someone can send me a duplicate of the aluminum piece they are placing inside I would GREATLY appreciate it! I act manufacture ABS Plastic Tailgate lettering for the 2019+ Silverado’s and would like to start making these colored “inserts” for the grills, so with your help I would laser cut a panel that fits into the same space over the mesh. Thanks!
  2. Yes! With that part I would need it to make a design in CAD to try and cut a fitting part
  3. Oh nice! What Im currently thinking is to laser cut to size either my ABS Plastic backed with 3M Foam tape and place it over the mesh like drawn in the image below or put some thicker acrylic plates there and also hold it with 3M tape with some led’s if its a large enough space. The hardest part would be to get someone to take apart their grill, and make a accurate cardboard copy of where the plastic covers should go. ‘I included a picture of the thickness of my regular ABS Plastic Sheets that I manufacture my 2019 Silverado Tailgate Lettering from’
  4. Can’t seem to find it, anyway you can screenshot and send it here if you still have it?
  5. I want to try to be the first to do this but it’s fairly difficult as I dont know if the mesh parts “pop out” of the grill or if they are fused into the grill
  6. I am also looking into manufacturing a solid part/piece that can go inside the grill. Unfortunately I don’t have one at hand so i cant look on how its made inside of the size of plate/cover we would need
  7. Manually painting this would most likely turn out sloppy. And a solid color would look best anyways in my opinion
  8. Hello everyone, I manufacture ABS Plastic lettering for a LARGE variety of cars and truck tailgates and have a request. I know the new high country grills have the words “High Country” embosses in them and want to make some letters that go inside this space to make it pop! Can I ask anyone for help to take some close up photos with a ruler so i can make this happen?
  9. People have tried vinyl but the surface in the letters is a “mesh” so there isn’t any area to stick to so the vinyl just comes off in the rain or heat
  10. I actually manufacture ABS Plastic Letters for the Tailgate and would love to work with you to figure out a way to do this, to make the grill lettering red or other colors using plastic, metal, acrylic or something of the sort. Let me know how you did it! Thanks!
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