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  1. 2020 Sierra AT4, 5.3L 275/60R20 Mickey Thompson Baja Boss AT 20x9 Fuel Rogue +1 offset, Gloss Black w/ Machined DDT face 1.75” ReadyLIFT Leveling Kit with UCAs
  2. If you look up this 22 x 9 factory GMC wheel (Part No. : 84799392) at http://accessories.gmc.com/ , the offset is listed at +1.1" or +28mm. If I remember right you need at least 4.75" or 5" of backspacing to clear the caliper.
  3. Got rid of the "sideburns" which will please a lot of people. Probably one of the most polarizing features on the T1.
  4. It is for the Navigation software. I have NAV and that is what is on the SD card. Not sure it works for anything else however. Hope that helps. Dre
  5. Tailgate release work just fine from inside the truck with the Truxedo brand tonneaus. I have the Truxedo X15 Pro cover on my 2020 AT4, and have released it numerous times for the cab.
  6. I have seen similar issue with random triggers and nothing to trigger it. It was always the front sensors. My dealer pulled a code that the video processing module was faulty. Once I had it replaced, and I thought all was well, It reared it's ugly head again a few weeks later. This time the it was both the front and back sensors going off as I was backing out of a parking stall. Again there was nothing close enough in front of me and nothing behind me to set it off. The latest incident was after an update on the infotainment system.....coincidence?
  7. My '20 AT4 did not come with the sensors. I was under the impression that the sensors were included like the '19s. I don't even remeber seeing an option to add the sensors on the dealer configurator. Time for a call to my dealer, as I want them for my travel trailer. What's the point of adding the module and not even a set of sensors to work with it. At the very least I want them at the $50 build in prIce. We'll see.
  8. NE Wisconsin. About 30 minute drive from Oshkosh.
  9. I haven't seen any negatve commnets from the guys with the 6.2/10 speed, so I was interested when I saw that GM was pairing the 5.3 with it as well. I was able to drive an AT4 at my local dealer with the 5.3/10 speed. I was very impressed with the silky smoothness of the shifting, or the lack of noticable shift points. I liked the truck so much that I am trading my aging 08 Sierra, for this '20 AT4.
  10. Yep. Those are the "ears". To OnTheReel's point you may only need to replace the bottom part of the mirror with the camera module.
  11. The mirrors with the cameras in them are a different mirror. Take a look at the higher trim level mirrors. On the bottom of the mirror, you will see a "ear". That "ear" is where the cameras are located. The wiring in the door may very well have the coax cable like what @2K19Sierra shows in the last post. More than likely though you will have to purchase a new mirror and have the dealer reprogram the truck to recognize the new cameras.
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