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  1. I don't think the Bose amp will work well with aftermarket speakers. Believe Bose speakers are somewhere around 1 ohm. I know I was told aftermarket speakers would not work with my Bose amp. I had Focal Flax 6 1/2" speakers installed with Audio Control DSP6-1200. I built a down firing box with a IDQ10. Drastic improvement
  2. where would I add a DSP to install an amp for a 10" sub? I have a 10" down firing IDQ sub. Not sure which amp I will go with this time. Would it be the yellow wires used for the GM amp kit?
  3. Wet sanding should be fine. A block would be recommended to keep it flat.
  4. Are you sanding the site smooth between coats? Will help to keep the touch up paint in the scratch and not the surrounding area.
  5. I installed the Rough Country 2" level and it does not actually raise it 2". Back is slightly higher, but looks close. I would say it raised the front 1 1/2-1 3/4".
  6. Not the greatest photo of the caliper. Red caliper is a subtle change with the GMC wheels
  7. I did not read that on the packaging. I have been using it for years. Does appear to be though by the way it goes on.
  8. I have not used the G2. I used the duplicator paint and it comes out nice. Clean calipers well. Take your time. I bought better brushes to do mine. It's raining here or I would go take a few pics
  9. Update. 16 days to replace an amp. With not a one phone call returned
  10. There is supposed to be a flash the stealerships can do to to the ECM to remedy this
  11. I just bought a 2019 GMC Sierra SLT. Radio went out in 2 weeks and 1,000 miles of ownership. Dealership has had it for 7 full business days without even diagnosing it yet. Contacted GM rep for assistance and they are of no help on this either. I am told to just continue to wait. Anyone have a better pathway for me to get help to get my truck fixed and back to me? Another number above the GM help line.
  12. I figured this should be a quick fix. Dealer sucks to start with. Then service tech tells me that even once the tech diagnosed it I will be forced to wait on parts due to the strike delaying on parts. So no remedy in sight for me. Regretting my decision to trade in an 11 year old truck that never went into a stealership.
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