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  1. Unless and until there is an alternative to chemical/rare earth batteries-I don't see electric Vehicles being viable.
  2. Exactly. Nobody cares about what some right-fighter thinks is the best oil. We want to see the OP get his truck back in one piece and fully functional.
  3. Interesting, I got the same message driving in snow/slush today.
  4. So its ok to take a crap on the sidewalk, but not to drive a vehicle with an IC engine. Cool got it.
  5. All you have done is shifted from one kind of pollution to another and then taken a victory lap. Bravo.
  6. Also, how much coal and or natural gas is used to make all those little sparky guys what go in yonder battery?
  7. Just ordered up a new air filter and added some diesel treatment. Went up and back to Milwaukee, my rolling 50 mile avg is now at 27.5
  8. Perhaps, but I still can't shake the feeling that some cost engineer with more calculators than slide rules determined they can make more $$ coming in under CAFE standards than they pay out in warranty. After the powertrain warranty is up the potential outcomes are yours alone to deal with.
  9. Did anyone tell the salesmen? As of last Friday they were still badmouthing electric trucks.
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