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  1. Here's the install guide, you may be able to get it to work with a multi-pro gate but they don't list it specifically for it https://www.amp-research.com/images/ePIM/original/AMPIS-74831.pdf
  2. Sounds like it may be a serpentine belt. The one on my 5.3 has just been replaced under warranty, it's only got 10k on it.
  3. From my understanding you won't get traffic without an active On-star account and not just the remote access one, this was the case with my K2 anyway, but it does give you the speed limit.
  4. I've left my truck running for like 10mins and can confirm the seats (the driver at least) is toasty even without me getting in it. It's an option in the infotainment system if I recall correctly.
  5. Mine updated last night. Does anyone else have an issue where the phone status shows for the first 10 seconds and disappears? Bluetooth and battery status?
  6. Go into your phone messaging settings as well and turn off "Send as chat message" I've had success with this an Android auto
  7. I got the updated post recall reflash yesterday PIT5728B. Seems to be working good so far, I've app started a handful of times so far.
  8. I didn't have any issues prior to the brake recall, but since the brake recall I will sometimes get into the truck (after having remotely started it) press the brake pedal and it's stiff, and press the start button to have all the errors come up "ECS error, speed limited error, trailer brake error" and check engine light stays on, and drive that way for a while, and then after a few ignition cycles later the check engine light is gone. I only had one issue after the recall where I actually lost braking, but the GM dealer supposedly fixed that.
  9. I had an issue where my contacts wouldn't transfer over. GM replaced it with a new unit and an update.
  10. I am, I was wondering why my dash cam was cutting on and off, it doesn't happen every time though.
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