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  1. Ah, it’s out. It’s a 2013, pretty much on my own. The trailer is about 3500# SA. Not too bad. Just a maintenance thing right now. Hate to drain it twice if the radiator is bad. I’ll check this am . Clean it up and run it. See if it stays wet. Antifreeze should stick around if it’s the case. It’s the dexcool.
  2. I’m really enjoying this thread. I’ve decided on a 187 Stant superstat and grabbing a diablo tuner for the fan change. . One thing I think I saw somewhere was the use of a larger radiator. Is there one available or worth doing??I have a 1500 4x4 lt trailer package and was wondering if the 2500 model radiator would fit and help. Reason I’m asking is I think I’m seeing a small leak below the drivers side tank. Stay with stock or upgrade? Where is the radiator model stamp located? Appreciate the feedback.
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