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  1. This may be a dumb question, but did you have the technology package, or trailer camera package before you started this? Just talking with WAMS, (Chris) made it sound like if you didn't have one of those two, that it would be very difficult to complete this up-fit. I have an LTZ, and amazingly I didn't notice that I don't have either unfortunately. I don't trailer a bunch, but I would certainly like the 360 camera view. Thanks.
  2. I'm an idiot....this is what you get when you've never had a nice truck. I didn't know what the heck that button was.
  3. I have an LTZ with power seats, but not power mirrors. Can I add this option?
  4. 2021 LTZ watching this post for updated info....
  5. Same reason they talk about how much they paid for the truck. You're not gonna get an honest answer with either topic.
  6. Hey all, maybe this question has already been asked, but I upgraded my old 2014 instrument cluster in order to get Andriod Auto function. My 2021 LTZ doesn't have the fancy instrument cluster and I got spoiled...is it possible to do an upgrade on the new trucks? I'm sure the cluster would require programming to the VIN. Thoughts anyone? Thanks.
  7. I'll echo what is said above. I'm 2k miles in on my rig and had to have the infotainment reprogrammed. It was only then that I should make sure I was using the DexosD. They have a limited supply and don't guarantee that they will have it in stock. I'm surprised about how often some of you guys are having to get it changed. Seems like a lot to me, am I missing something? I still haven't had to get my initial (1st) done and I'm still showing 75% remaining. Thoughts?
  8. I have all the parts for a 2014/15 apple car play/andriod auto and Denali cluster upgrade. I recently totaled out my 14 GMC Sierra SLE that I had previously upgraded (thanks to this webpage). I took out all the upgraded parts and replaced them with my stock parts. If anyone is interested in completing the full upgrade/swap please let me know. Of course, like we've all read, the parts will have to get programmed to your VIN. Thanks! John Kirby
  9. My first question is can you drive the 14-18 models without the cluster? Second, how much are you looking to get out of your old one? I may be interested....thanks
  10. I'm probably late to the party here, but did you sell the instrument cluter?
  11. Ugh, So what I initially thought would be just a 2.0 to 2.5 HMI upgrade has now added a radio module (programmed at a low price) and now a new instrument cluster as well just to keep the full functionality. With a whopping price tag of what? $800-$1000?....geez Can't make anything easy...or cheap(er)....what would the fun in that be?! Lol Thanks for all the input everyone has put in this. It's been a great thread to read.
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