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  1. Just wanted to comment on this thread. I have about 7k on my truck after about a year. Drove it today. Got home and noticed I needed to clean my floor mat. Took the fronts out and sprayed/wiped them down. It had gotten dark by the time they were dry. Put them back in the truck. Went out about an hr ago to pull the truck in the garage. Pressed the button and just constant starter but no start. Tried about 3 or 4 times. Came inside and jumped right on the forum. On the first page I read the OP’s post about the floor mat. Went outside and sure enough I had covered my gas pedal with the GM mat. Moved the mat and it fired right up. I know EVERYONE isn’t covering their gas pedal, but could there be an issue that is replicating the engine being flooded or whatever is happening when the gas pedal is held down for a period of time? That being said, even though my problem was caused by me, it wouldn’t have been an issue if GM WOULD PUT SOME DAMN LIGHTS IN THE FLOOR so you could see! Also thanks for people posting on the forum because it definitely saved me an embarrassing tow to the dealership.
  2. I noticed you said trim pieces the dealer broke doing the back window. What did they break? I assume they were fixing a leaky back window? I ask because I’m on the fence about having mine fixed. When we were at the beach this year I noticed a tiny leak after about 2 days of the truck being out in the rain. That was the first time the truck had been in the rain since I bought it last year. It stays in the garage most of the time so I’m trying to figure out if it’s worth the hassle of having it done. I heard it’s a lot to it that seems like it may cause rattles and trim pieces being broken.
  3. Do it. You won’t regret it. You WILL kick yourself for waiting so long.
  4. Thanks for the pic and the clarification. I didn’t think they made that size but was getting very excited. Even though it’s the same size as the factory Goodyear’s they look a lot more beefy.
  5. Truck looks great. That’s the size I’ve been looking at but I wasn’t aware they made a ridge grappler in that size that was non-LT. Can you post a couple close ups of the tire and tread. I’d like to see if it’s much tread depth difference.
  6. I have this level and haven’t read or heard anything about this. Where did you get this info?
  7. Thanks. Trying to decide on tire size. It’s a Readylift 2 inch.
  8. This is why this is such a great website. I have a 2 inch level and was about to order the 4 inch because your truck looks so good. Thanks for the info.
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