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  1. Do it. You won’t regret it. You WILL kick yourself for waiting so long.
  2. Thanks for the pic and the clarification. I didn’t think they made that size but was getting very excited. Even though it’s the same size as the factory Goodyear’s they look a lot more beefy.
  3. Truck looks great. That’s the size I’ve been looking at but I wasn’t aware they made a ridge grappler in that size that was non-LT. Can you post a couple close ups of the tire and tread. I’d like to see if it’s much tread depth difference.
  4. I’ve had mine since December with no issues.
  5. I have this level and haven’t read or heard anything about this. Where did you get this info?
  6. Thanks. Trying to decide on tire size. It’s a Readylift 2 inch.
  7. This is why this is such a great website. I have a 2 inch level and was about to order the 4 inch because your truck looks so good. Thanks for the info.
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