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  1. I recently went from a 19 to a 21 and the camera has improved a lot.
  2. Putco makes a pretty nice bed rack that I have seen on a few peoples trucks on this forum.
  3. In my opinion the 10 speed is way better than the 8 speed. I had a 5.3 with the 8 speed and it was always cluncking from 1 to 2. i have the 10 speed now on the 3.0l diesel RST and it is so much smoother.
  4. Haha my damn phone changed it to I. Do you know how high it lifted you?
  5. Just a heads up. I saw on Instagram the other day that eibach was testing their pro truck lift 2.0 with the 19+ trucks. I reached out to them and they don’t know when it will be available but if it’s anything like it is for the last gen we will be getting a 0 to 4in adjustable strut that is fully assembled. You make the adjustment with a spanner wrench similar to the fox shocks.
  6. Thanks appreciate it. I am in the same boat. I was debating getting kings or foxes but don’t necessarily wanna drop that much money at the moment with the economy kinda sketchy.
  7. Can you keep me updated on this? I was thinking about doing this or waiting for the eibach pro lift 2.0 that is coming out in a few months. Please let us know how much lift you got with the duramax and what setting.
  8. Did u get the kit with the upgraded extended struts or did u use the spacers? how is the drive?
  9. You can email or call them to double check. I think when I clicked customize on that kit it said it in the notes. I talked to some people that have done it and said they had to make a bracket for the fuel line and it was not the biggest deal.
  10. Looks good. Does the plasti dip hold up well with car washes?
  11. Which 4in kit are you seeing from BDS. I talked to them last week and they said that they currently do not have a kit that they would recommend for the diesel and are currently working on one. It should hopefully be out in a few months from my understanding. I am in the same boat where it seems there are no available lift kits in the 4in range for the diesel. Especially a kit that drops the front diff. i reached out to zone, bds, belltech, bilstein, and eibach and no one recommends a kit right now for the 2021 3.0
  12. Do you have a picture with everything you have done. I would like to see how it turned out.
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