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  1. I have 35's on mine, I honestly dont notice a difference. My fuel economy went a bit down, but that was all....
  2. I have the same Icon Kit with no issues. I have a factory trailboss block installed in the back. Have they retorqued everything to make sure nothing is loose?
  3. Hey, sorry, just saw this message. Its the ADD stealth fighter bumper. I installed it myself. I think the shop quoted 800 bucks for install so I decided to do it myself. I have the Icon Stage 2 kit on the struck. I think it is set at roughly 2.25" with a trailboss block in the back. Thank you.
  4. You have to pull the intercooler to get to the bolts. Its a pain in the ass. I had the same experience when switching out my bumper for an aftermarket bumper. The first part of the instructions was to remove the tow hooks. That should have been the last part hahaha. Took forever.....
  5. I have the diesel, it is a great engine so far. We were looking at getting a tahoe for my wife, but I would only buy one if it had the 3.0l diesel (for the fuel economy). The dealerships need to get rid of these ridiculous mark ups on the tahoe. They are selling used ones in my area for 90k.
  6. Sorry, just saw this. No rubbing. I did do a mud flap delete kit from Mcgaughys in the front. The bumper is ADD Offroad Stealthfighter bumper.
  7. It depends on your wheel offset. I have 35x12.50r18 Toyo Open Country ATIIIs on my truck (actually measure 34.6") on a 2.5" lift (Icon Suspension) they do not rub. My wheel is similar in offset to the factory wheels though. When you start getting into a large negative offset, this can make it where there is more potential for rubbing.. I think you should be fine with the 3.5in lift though without issue....
  8. If you have Instagram check out ltwmotorsports page, they have done several 1500 Silverado's with 17 inch rims with 37inch tires on probably a 3.5 to 4 inch lift. They have to do some modifications to the wheel liner and mudflap to make it fit. They may also be adjusting the crash rail. I have 35s on a 2.5inch lift and they fit without issue. I did a mudflap delete though. I still have about 1inch of clearance to the liner at full lock. It is all contingent on your backspacing for the wheel though. Anything is possible depending on how much you are willing to modify the truck. I have seen guys running 40s with a 3 inch King set up.
  9. First thing I got was a tonneau cover, then tires and wheels.
  10. 2021 Z71 Duramax RST Fuel 18x9 Couplers Toyo Open Country ATIII 35x12.5r18 IVD Stage 2 w. Element Hard Parts UCA.
  11. Recently got 35inch Toyo Open Country ATIIIs installed on the truck. No rubbing even off-road. Truck is the 3.0L Duramax RST package with a few upgrades.
  12. Not the NorCal Mod, but this is the general method for fitting larger tires. https://store-59878.mybigcommerce.com/content/7238_3.pdf
  13. Would you be able to measure from the center of your tire to the fender in the front? I have adjustable coilovers and I want to see if I am a similar height prior to ordering 35s.
  14. Do you have a picture that shows the discrepancy? I took my bumper off this weekend to replace it with an aftermarket bumper. It is a pain in the ass to remove the factory bumper. There are a lot of hidden brackets in hard to reach areas. I dont recall seeing any slotted connections that would allow for much movement in the alignment of the bumper. At most maybe 1/4 of an inch?
  15. How much clearance do you have on the firewall side when the wheel is all the way turned?
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