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  1. I got it from Valhalla Off-road Research.
  2. Yeah, I will probably pick up the passenger side once all of this passes. I would like to mount a gas canister, first aid kit, and some recovery items. Hopefully this passes soon. Stay safe and healthy as well!
  3. Hello, I know in the past I have seen a lot of people that were interested in the ability to carry their Hi-Jack Lift, shovels, or any other misc. items in their bed. I wanted to show you guys a system I came across and installed this weekend that works amazingly well. I installed a M.A.P.S. Panel by Vahalla Off-Road Research https://valhallaoffroad.com/maps. The mounting brackets are added by the user and can be customized to hold whatever you need. You can buy Quick Grips clips to mount the items, or build your own custom brackets. It took me a while to find something that was customized for the 219 Silverados, and I could not be happier with this. The panel is well built and fits the truck perfectly. The people on the website have been great to work with as well.
  4. Sorry, I finally got around to installing this. See image below.
  5. Added a M.A.P.S. Panel from Valhalla Off-Road. It allows me to neatly store my Hi-Jack Lift and any other accessories.
  6. I have a Molle Panel system coming this week that I ordered from Valhalla Off-Road. I will post some pictures when I get it installed. I purchased it to hold my Hi-Lift Jack, shovel, axe and some other odds and ends. Not sure if all of that will fit on the system but we will see.
  7. Thanks man, I was supposed to have a bit more poke on the wheels, but the offset on them didn't fit and I had to go with a less aggressive offset.
  8. Went off roading. My set up so far is the following: 2.25" Procomp level 18" Fuel Grapplers 33x12.5" Ridge Grapplers (I think I could have fit 35's but did not want to chance it) Gator Cover Painted Tow Hooks red Ceramic Tint all around Eventually I would like to get long travel shocks, a 4in lift, and larger tires.
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