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  1. I'm interested in your feedback specifically because I believe that you are running a muffler delete.....any feedback on how this has affected the sound of the truck?
  2. Well I'm glad these issues are coming out now, it's unlikely they will be able to do much about it with just a DFM disable chip. This would likely take a full re-program to fix that piece.
  3. I had Toyo RT's on my F250 and loved them, but I will admit they they did spin a bit when the roads were wet after I got some miles on them. I always just assumed it was because the truck had nearly 1000ft/lb of torque.
  4. Who are you guys emailing to get on the beta test? I emailed support and got a response stating they weren't even running a beta test, can someone help me out?
  5. Good looking truck man, congrats! That's a loooooooooot of black!!
  6. Lots of Ford hate in here. It definitely happens on the Ford forums as well, I couldn't buy the Chevy simply because I hated the damn bowtie. Since I bought the Sierra I have come to like the wheel wells on the Chevy better but still like the Sierra overall. If you can't look at a vehicle regardless of manufacturer then you aren't a true truck/car person IMO.
  7. I hate the way that the driver's side exhaust is flattened out before the Y-pipe as it runs under the truck. I already have plans to have the exhaust run as a true-dual set up once Range puts a DFM disabler on the market.
  8. Very nice solution. My '17 F250 had a button in the bed that turned on the bed led's which was awesome. It is still my favorite truck ever, just won't fit in my garage.
  9. That's good news. How differently does the truck drive with DFM disabled? Do you have stock exhaust? If not, how does it sound when driving?
  10. Weird. I emailed Range and they responded within 5 minutes stating the below: If your vehicle is equipped with DFM we unfortunately do not have anything available for your particular application at this point in time. We are actively looking into developing products for vehicles equipped with DFM, but we do not have anything currently available or in beta testing for them. Thanks. Range Technology Support
  11. It didn't bug me as much until I installed exhaust on the truck.
  12. Anyone received their Range device yet? Curious to hear how its going.
  13. I've definitely had my share of issues with Ford, but have to agree it was never at 1000 miles.
  14. I will give some different advice. I would leave at least one of the flappers. They are there to mitigate undesirable sounds coming from DFM and those sounds become very noticeable with a louder exhaust. I couldn't honestly tell much of a difference in volume between no flappers and adding one back, but could tell that some of the DFM silliness went away when it was added back.
  15. That's pretty much spot on with the Magnaflow I had installed on mine. Extremely deep, bassy sound. I had to drive my '04 F150 to the shop (imagine that) yesterday and even with a bad roller follower (think rocker arm) it sounds really good in comparison with shorty headers and a super 44 SIDO.
  16. Oof. Recently came over from Ford myself, they all have issues.
  17. It's ridiculous that you would have to say whether or not the exhaust on the truck was stock. Even if he hasn't seen the performance exhaust he HAS seen the stock exhaust a few hundred times and knows what that looks and sounds like. If he told you it was installed he knew he was lying, end of story.
  18. Did you have to pay what they have listed on the site? They seem pricey.
  19. Have to agree, I was kind of looking forward to them coming out myself but ended up pulling the trigger on the Sierra beforehand because I got pissed with Ford over the OHC design flaws that have been in place for YEARS. The old 6.2 was one of the best engines they made, and the 5.0 was not a bad engine at all either but was lacking low-end grunt for a truck IMO. That 7.3 should be interesting given that they are returning to a pushrod motor, and tempting to anyone that likes 'old-school'.
  20. I got the Extang Xceed installed last week and love the extreme low-profile look of it. Took it through the car wash yesterday and noted that it had a little water in the front driver and rear passenger corners, maybe a cup of water total which isn't bad at all. "Waterproof" isn't a requirement of mine, water resistant is just fine for me and in my opinion all you can ask from a cover of this type.
  21. I have to agree that when tooling around town it makes the truck feel sluggish until you mash the go-pedal. Then it wakes up and accelerates very, very well for a truck of this size. To me, adding an aftermarket exhaust exacerbates all of this because you can now hear all of the different 'modes' the engine is going through with 10 different gears and varying degrees of cylinder participation depending upon load response. All in all, it is something I have to get accustomed to as this is the way of the future, the linear and confident pull of a V8 truck pulling on all cylinders all the time is something from the past.
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