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  1. I have had these in channel type on since March. No complaints other than a somewhat sharp edge, so I hit all the shades with a 400 grit paper to soften the edge. I have a 1500. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/egg-571691
  2. Who knows. GM seems to gives and take without notice. No notice or I missed it when the ordered truck came in with no entry handle buttons on the rear doors of the crew cab. Buttheads saved a few pennies for buttons on a loaded truck.
  3. 3/20 build, 1500 LTZ, loaded with tech packs with HUD display and DQS tow mirrors, no puddle lamps.
  4. I have not done the installation yet but here is my plan. Inside the bed on the driver side I will have an Anderson plug mounted. I have a cap on the truck so it is protected from the weather. One Anderson lug for the hot will be a #6 ga and the ground will be a Anderson #2 lug with 2 -6ga black ground/neg wires into the lug. One black ground neg wire will run to the engine compartment with the positive cable and connect at the neg jump stud on fender. The 2nd black ground neg wire will be much shorter and mount to a bolt into the frame directly below. In looking for a nonexistent convenient bolt connection, I have decided to just drill and tap for a mounting bolt into the frame for a 2nd ground point. I will remove the undercoating and use a serrated star washer with the bolt for a good connection and then coat the connection with Daubert X-121B. This redundant ground with a tapped bolt connection into the frame worked for 12 years on my previous truck so I will just do the same this time. The original wire harness was 8 ga and I left it installed on the old truck and worked fine for 12 years. When I checked into a replacement 8ga harness from the original winch manufacturer., it was 50% more than a 6ga harness from a different winch manufacturer, hence the 6 ga on this install.
  5. What criteria denotes a premium filter? Price? Looking for filter recommendations for a 6.2. Thanks
  6. Never heard of them or used them. Found this on a review search. https://shockwarehouse.pissedconsumer.com/review.html Hope it works out for you.
  7. Agree Once in the 3/4 ton range may want to consider 1 ton with a trailer that large.
  8. Anyone know if there is a fan(s) on the back also or just in the seat?
  9. Picked up a 2020 CC LTZ in March and traded in an 05 2500 so my only experience with seat coolers is the wife's Hyundai. Compared to the Hyundai, I would rate the new Silverado seats at a 4-5. Anyone know if the Silverado has just the seat or both seat and back cooling fans? If it is supposed to have back cooling, then I would change my rating to a 2. The A/C is cold enough to hang meat in there. LOL
  10. LOL Nothing really to report with little over 3000 miles on a March 2020 unit since mileage is all over the place because I can't seem to keep my foot out of it, especially when towing the boat. Zoom Zoom
  11. Since they are going into year three on the T1 model, you may be waiting a long time. No such animal from GM presently and they show little or no interest in requests for a solution when adding a top on the bed.
  12. Yes This is what I have been told by a friend that worked at a terminal.
  13. It was before before Feb 2020. Tried to order the mirrors in Jan 2020. No go. Dealer said GM decided only top 2 tiers could get the tow mirrors on a 1500 and the SLT fell to 3rd tier this year. His orders from Sept 2019 and forward with the tow mirrors were kicked back. No problem, I just bought a Silverado. LOL
  14. An example of good engineering with poor usability. The two views go hand in hand for trailing yet require the user to take their eyes off the task with a screen change distraction. Imagine both views in a split screen view with touch to use either view as full screen and back arrow to split screen for trailer hook up.
  15. Absolute stupidity. Ended up ordering a Silverado in Feb this year because of the mirror lunacy Max Tow package on that SLT, sure no problem. Tow mirrors to go along with that Max tow package on that SLT, uuhh, sorry no can do. Absolute stupidity
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