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  1. Thanks Greyhound6.2 The lights I added were not true DOT trailer backup lights, just led floods, so the watts are higher, hence my concern. They are rated at 18 watts @ but when I checked them they pulled 1.2- 1.3 amps @ so the lumen output is probably less than stated also. Connected and tested them last night and all seems well as I left them on for a 10 min. test . Still curious what the two fuses listed above supply. I could pull a fuse to see which one kills the trailer lights but still would not know what the other fuse supplies. Thanks again
  2. A question for the Tech guys. What is the difference between these two lamp circuits? Location is under hood fuse box. Fuse #54......10 amp listed as the "Trailer reverse lamp". Fuse #55......10 amp listed as the " Trailer back-up lamp" The trailer is a boat trailer with surge brakes and uses the the reverse to operate the master cylinder bypass solenoid to allow backing up. I think it is the center pin in the 7 pin round that supplies voltage to the backup solenoid. Usually the trailer reverse light are tied in with the master cylinder bypass solenoid and activated when in reverse. I am adding reverse lights to the trailer and would like to know which fuse is it and is there any other loads on that fuse. The short version of the question is...how many watts can the reverse lights be before an overload on that circuit? Thanks for any help. Mike Forgot.......2020 CCab, LTZ, 6.2, max tow, standard bed , tech package with HU display.
  3. Would be nice if a larger tank became available. I have a LTZ 1500 CC with a standard bed. Was under the truck just being nosy and realized they could have easily add 10-15 gallons to the existing tank with room to spare on that size bed. Would have been nice if they had an option to order a larger tank. Just towing boats up to 6 grand but she drives and pulls like a dream with the 6.2 and 10 speed. Only 1000 miles so not really checking towing MPG yet. Came out of a 05 2500HD with a 6.0 &4 speed. That was one thirsty truck, even down hill. LOL
  4. Maybe Aleigha W. from GM Customer service will step in to get thing rolling.
  5. I had a GM family number when I ordered so the price was fixed. Another 6G off on consumer cash at the time in March. I used the Chevy build site to build the truck I wanted and search various dealers. Went to a few local dealers and let them search and same results. Both said the truck I wanted was a unicorn and I would have to order it. Be aware that at the time of order that any current incentives may not be available at time of delivery. They only use the current incentives at time of delivery. Good Luck
  6. This is the message I get at that ebay link when I enter truck info. Confused
  7. Only pic I have currently. Ordered 2/1 and picked it up 1st wk March just before the shutdown. LTZ, crew, standard bed ,6.2, tow mirrors, max tow and full length running boards Had to order the truck because the above setup is darn near a Unicorn.
  8. GG= Grocery Getter CC= Cool Commuter In other words no real need for a truck. These are the dealer's greatest market audience so they stock what sells the most.
  9. Understand you view as I just came out of an 05 2500HD Truck came in 2 weeks ago and I had to order to get what I wanted for the next 5- 10yrs 1500 LTZ 6.2, crew cab,standard bed, max tow package with tow mirrors. My dealer called it a unicorn order. Only dealer that had anything even close was over 500 miles out. If I wanted a GG or CC truck I could have had my pick of hundreds on various lots. It probably can do 6000lbs with the 3.23 but I would do the Max tow package at 6 or better. My boat & trailer is at 5200lbs Over 6000lbs will have some squat being a 1/2 ton platform, how much I do not know. Might want to look at a 2500 if you tow a lot of miles at 6 grand and above weights for longevity. Unless you need it now, order and get what you want and be happy. Good Luck My 2 cents
  10. This? Can't find the original post but I had bookmarked this page https://graphics-lbk.myshopify.com/collections/frontpage/products/style-01-2019-20-silverado-tb-hood-graphics-package
  11. Yes, thanks for the FYI. Not much I can do about that with the current GM engineering. Once I get the cap installed, I plan on making labels to place on the camper top with the correct print size to the optics, praising the wonderful, well thought out design, as a joke to show people when the camera views are brought up. The rear view mirror flip mode and bed mode. Maybe make a Youtube to point out the wonderful engineering so the competitors can avoid the same design and maybe shame them into a retrofit.LOL This has been brought to their attention early on but they don't seem to care. They can have the fore thought for camera plugs on the bumper for trailering but not for the others? Another case of CC or GG(cool commuter /grocery getter) design without real world useful practicality for a truck. Oh well, it is what it is. Thanks
  12. hotrodz37 Thanks for your fast reply. Guess I will let it roll as is and lean on my Irish heritage a bit. Hopefully this is my last post on this subject. LOL Good Luck to all.
  13. Just picked up my ordered 2020 LTZ crew cab. Going to add a camper cap. The question is to all those who have endured this leaking problem. Would you add the flowable sealant to a new truck without a leak as added insurance for future problems? Really don't want to have to pull the cap back off for a repair and with the cap installed you probably won"t see any extra sealant anyway. After 125 pages, I am just trying to be proactive for a potential problem that truly seems be "Rocket Science " for GM engineers to solve. Thanks Mike
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