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  1. Anyone know if there is a fan(s) on the back also or just in the seat?
  2. Picked up a 2020 CC LTZ in March and traded in an 05 2500 so my only experience with seat coolers is the wife's Hyundai. Compared to the Hyundai, I would rate the new Silverado seats at a 4-5. Anyone know if the Silverado has just the seat or both seat and back cooling fans? If it is supposed to have back cooling, then I would change my rating to a 2. The A/C is cold enough to hang meat in there. LOL
  3. LOL Nothing really to report with little over 3000 miles on a March 2020 unit since mileage is all over the place because I can't seem to keep my foot out of it, especially when towing the boat. Zoom Zoom
  4. Since they are going into year three on the T1 model, you may be waiting a long time. No such animal from GM presently and they show little or no interest in requests for a solution when adding a top on the bed.
  5. Yes This is what I have been told by a friend that worked at a terminal.
  6. It was before before Feb 2020. Tried to order the mirrors in Jan 2020. No go. Dealer said GM decided only top 2 tiers could get the tow mirrors on a 1500 and the SLT fell to 3rd tier this year. His orders from Sept 2019 and forward with the tow mirrors were kicked back. No problem, I just bought a Silverado. LOL
  7. An example of good engineering with poor usability. The two views go hand in hand for trailing yet require the user to take their eyes off the task with a screen change distraction. Imagine both views in a split screen view with touch to use either view as full screen and back arrow to split screen for trailer hook up.
  8. Absolute stupidity. Ended up ordering a Silverado in Feb this year because of the mirror lunacy Max Tow package on that SLT, sure no problem. Tow mirrors to go along with that Max tow package on that SLT, uuhh, sorry no can do. Absolute stupidity
  9. A question fro the tech guys. Is there any additional parts available for a high amp ground connection at the battery for a winch? Running some 6 ga wire from the battery to the bed of the truck for a boat trailer winch connection with a 80 amp fuse at the battery The positive connection(1st pic) seems pretty straight forward with a lug under the 5/16" bolt at the post with a short( 6-8") cable to an fuse holder and then to the rear of the truck The neg connection is somewhat of question. The 5/16" clamp bolt (#2) has a captive nut with upturned ears on the bracket and does not look like a lug can fit under it. The second bolt (#1) is only a 1/4" and seems a little weak as a connection point Actually the whole ground bracket seems really flimsy and weak. Another possibility is the ground stud (#3) that recommended for jumping the vehicle. Last question is #4. What is it? Current sensing? Suggestions for a correc/good ground connection would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  10. I am guessing you have the tow mirrors with the work lights. I have the tow mirrors and have not found puddle lamps. The mirrors option is listed as DQS which has the puddle lamps listed but darn if I see anything under the mirror. LTZ with tech camera package with surround views. Maybe you loose the puddle lamp with camera package?
  11. Interesting. May be unrelated, but I keep getting a check right trailer light in the display. Does not matter if I had just plugged it in or it is plugged in all day. Every engine start produces the notification. All functions of the right trailer light works fine each time I check it.
  12. 2020 LTZ premium, Ccab, NHT, standard bed........ just the front doors, rear doors blank. Maybe related to package selection somehow?
  13. Ya think!! But they said it is the first time they heard of that problem. I swear this must be the new customer service reply for all companies.
  14. Thanks Greyhound6.2 The lights I added were not true DOT trailer backup lights, just led floods, so the watts are higher, hence my concern. They are rated at 18 watts @ but when I checked them they pulled 1.2- 1.3 amps @ so the lumen output is probably less than stated also. Connected and tested them last night and all seems well as I left them on for a 10 min. test . Still curious what the two fuses listed above supply. I could pull a fuse to see which one kills the trailer lights but still would not know what the other fuse supplies. Thanks again
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