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  1. It did rub sitting and turning the wheel closer to full lock. I took off the bracket behind the mud flap and ziptied the wheel well liner back and trimmed the mud flap according to where it was rubbing. I have other mud flaps I will be putting on at some point. I do not do any serious offroading so as long as im not rubbing while daily driving im ok with it. Also, I am not running wheel spacers.
  2. Finally got my setup put together this past weekend. 3.5'' RC lift(struts & blocks) 35x11.5 ridge grapplers on 20x9 Helo 916 +1 offset.
  3. Correct, ceramic coats will not provide rock protection but provide undeniable protection of the paint coating itself. I believe its 3m that has a new protection film out that is self healing. Saw it in person thought it was super cool. Might want to look into that as well. And as stated above, these are not cheap remedies but are definitely worth it in the long run on a new vehicle. I eventually will get a clear bra put on the front of mine over the ceramic coating.
  4. I have a black RST and I had gotten a ceramic coating on the entire truck right after purchase. Seems to help a ton, bug guts dont seem to embed themselves and with a foam cannon and pressure washer they wash right off. Even after a few days of sitting in the sun or long drives.
  5. Looking fantastic. Is this a 2'' level ontop of the oem trailboss level?
  6. No need to bash his ride guys, truck looks sick!! Where is the rubbing happening at?
  7. As ive gotten lots of info off this forum myself. I can say that I just bought my 2020 RST 4x4 without the Z71 package. I am an avid outdoorsmen and have had many older silverados with the Z71 package. But have I ever used 4lo on them? Maybe once or twice of ownership. Skid plates, shocks, that stuff can be added. And added with a better quality part in my eyes. I opted to get the 5.3 with the max tow package with locking rear and 3.43 gears rather than the standard 3.23. I live in Michigan and we see pretty harsh winters but ive never really utilized the 4lo. Even towing my 1870 bowfishing boat filled with fish. Have always been a 4hi kinda guy. As far as protection, id rather spend money on quality ceramic coating, ppf, good mud flaps, fender flares etc.
  8. I am not sure on exact measurements, but being able to install the strut itself in one unit is far easier than compressing the springs. Bilstiens are nice don't get me wrong. I just want to be able to switch out the stock struts for an ease of install and removal if needed.
  9. Hey guys, after a ton of research and searching for the right truck I finally got one! Have been trolling this forum for months and months looking at everyones setup. Which are all super nice! I took delivery of a 2020 RST black double cab with max tow package today! Super excited as its my first brand new vehicle I have ever purchased. Like most in the silverado/gmc community I have plans for it. I am going to go with a 3.5'' rough country lift with the coil struts and forged upper a-arms(they offer a military discount and I have always liked there products. My question is, has anyone installed the trailboss cv-axles with a 3-4'' lift? Is this possible? Just wanting to alleviate any type of issues in the front end with the lift. Would like to hear some feedback on this idea. Thanks guys and Ill have to get some pics tomorrow after work.
  10. That would be nice to have. But I do not tow much. I am just wanting to get into something more efficient with the larger wheels.
  11. 3.42 is good middle of the road gear. I feel would be alot better for running a larger tire. Let alone just having the max tow package. I see everyone running the 35x11.5 but nobody really says what gears they are running. So its been hard to research. Once I got my research down then I can start test driving vehicles.
  12. Good to know, I keep debating wether to go after a trailboss with the 10spd and 3.23 or get into a rst with max tow 3.42s for the sake of going to a larger tire. 35x11.5.
  13. Awesome, how do you like the tire size with the 3.23 gears and 8spd?
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