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  1. These look good and I'd love to see additional pictures of your side steps from different angles. I'm considering the Go Rhinos myself.
  2. Anyone looking to purchase the GM 2" lift kit from Bill Cramer Chevrolet won't go wrong. I too was skeptical but called them with my VIN and they squared me away. Everything arrived just as they said it would, but faster. Even though they have the best prices in the country, it's a little more than the aftermarket kits. Remember that you're paying to make this kit a part of your truck backed by GM, just as if you bought it from the dealer that way. That was money in the bank for me. ...just my 2 cents.
  3. So I spoke with the guys at SubThump last week and they are working on a single sub box with amp shelf and open storage on the opposite side. Current offerings eliminate storage all together so this will be a much improved solution for the T1s. I should have an indication of what it will cost ofter the holiday weekend and will be sure to let you guys know. Their pricing is very "affordable " so stay tuned.
  4. Do you still happen to have your Denali wheels and are they for sale? Please PM me if so.
  5. Not a big fan of going in and out of the holster unless I absolutely need to. It opens the door for unnecessary risk (IMO). 3 o'clock works well but can press on my hips after a while with certain holsters. 4 o'clock is very comfortable but also presses into the leather leaving a small indent. Everyone has their own tolerance for risk and that risk shifts when using magnets vs cup holders vs under the dash mounts. Depending on what you carry and/or train for. You may consider practicing a draw while seated in your truck and with the seat belt on using a blue gun or something 100% non-lethal. It may help you decide which storage location works best.
  6. It was actually included in the GM 2" trail boss lift kit. The kit itself had its own part number. Not sure about just the CV shaft itself.
  7. Yes but can't tell much of a difference. Although I'm sure it will help 50k miles from now.
  8. One of the more useful aspects of these forums is learning from one another and leaning on insight that has helped others. If I would have known about Clazzio leather seat covers 2 months ago, I could have save $1,000. That goes a long way on an already tight budget. Thank you for the info.
  9. Regarding aftermarket leather: I recently had Katzkin leather installed which cost me $1,540 including tax and installation. In fact, we had to do it twice. The first covers came with stitching that was not a perfect factory match. Katzkin replaced them for free which won me over as a customer for life. You may be able to save some cash by purchasing a set of take offs on ebay and having them installed. They usually run around $570 for the covers only and in many cases are like my first set which is now a customer returned product.
  10. There are a few of us on here with the Diesel Off-Road package. Haven't experienced or heard of anything negative so far.
  11. I encourage you to do the math to see how much money you'll spend per month/year in fuel. Maybe that will be the deciding factor. 3.0L with TB lift and 33" tires should average 23-25mpg depending on your commute and driving style. Hopefully some of the 6.2L guys will chime in with their real world MPGs or I'm sure it's been extensively covered in one of the other threads.
  12. Thank you. I am really happy with the way it turned out. It's now onto the next few mods. ...and don't rule out the 2" coil over lift if you're planning to add a rear block anyways. If I am not mistaken, most with the 2" RC say that it settles to around 1.5-1.75" which is what you're looking for.
  13. Finally able to have my local dealer install the GM 2" Trail Boss lift and very happy with the outcome. I went back and forth between this one, RC 2" coil overs with 1 inch rear block, and RC 3.5" coil over lift. My service manager (from the GMC dealer who doesn't have much of a dog in the fight) convinced me to stick with the GM lift which was ultimately the deciding factor. That and the fact that I don't need to be in a hurry for new wheels and tires due to looking silly with a big lift and tiny tires. I have put approximately 150 miles on the truck since the install and it rides great. Noticeably different from stock though - even with the Z71 package. And I am still averaging 23 MPG which seems to be improving as I break the engine in a bit.
  14. ...take two. Looks like it's only a 100lb difference.
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