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  1. To be honest, yea, thats the FIRST thing I noticed after everything was installed. You can see the brackets hang under it. Ill see if I can take a pic for you tomorrow... but it really didnt bother me much after. I rarely see if from my angles and, I dont know... it just doesnt bother me as much anymore. But yea, it is noticeable...
  2. yea man... I was reeeeally debating between these and the NFab Podiums. The real reason why I went with these was because the NFabs were back ordered and I needed steps for my family to get in and out. Im glad I got these though. You can adjust how close you want them into the truck or how far out. I have them all the way sticking out and its still real close. It also acts a bit like a guard from lower car doors that park next to me haha.
  3. I was finally able to order these and install the same weekend, after daaaays of deciding between these Go Rhino RB20s or the NFab Podiums. Im glad I went with these Go Rhinos since its flat all the way through and that helps me wash and clean the top part of the truck without needing to watch my footing as much. The texture feels just like the line-x I have in the bed of my truck which I had done a few days after installing these boards. I tried to take pics of all angles and I think theyre badass!!
  4. I bought my 2020 Chevy Trail Boss in March 2020. Since then ive had my screen go dark, and the volume stay on, while the truck is off, TWICE now. The first time, I pulled into the driveway and noticed the display was black... I coudlnt turn off the radio and it was pretty loud. I closed the door and walked into the house, trying to call Chevy dealer to see if they knew of a fix. No one called me back. Then when I went to check on the truck about 20 min later, the radio was off. I turned the truck on and the radio came on like normal. The second time, which was today... I
  5. Im assuming you have the factory 2" in lift on this... is it hard to get in and out of this truck with the RB20s? I didnt want any steps, but my wife has a difficult time jumping in and out so I wanted to get these, but im hoping its easy to use.
  6. Im actually looking into these same steps... Does your truck have the factory 2" lift on it? I was thinking of getting the rough country HD2 running boards, but it looks like there isnt enough drop for an easy entrance. So im now looking at these.
  7. What kind of steps are these? Do you have any pics from the side? I just bought a 2020 LT trail boss crew cab and I need to get some steps on for the wife! Im still hesitant on getting steps or full boards.
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