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  1. Just adding my truck to the list. Same issue drives me crazy because of I forget my alarm gets turned way down. Almost missed work. 20 Denali
  2. I agree, the solution above (bshort) is the only solution that will make me comfortable/trust this truck. Knowing that I have a known and well documented failure that is waiting to surface is just as bad as having it already surfaced. The fix is a part swap to the axle without the manufacturing defect until a tooling/casting change can be done to the SU4. I have never seen so much play in a front CV axle to differential. I can only imagine with centrifugal force the damage it will do over time rattling around in the differential/ axle housing. Aleigha W. please help with moving this issue forward for us. There are 62 pages of customer issues. I have spent a lot of money as has everyone here on a truck we want to trust and depend on.
  3. I have a 2020 Denali with the same axle code and it’s build date is March 2020. I guess we will see how it holds up. It has the play I have seen in the videos. I am at 500 miles and it is silent.
  4. What offset are your wheels? And do you have a side pictures liking down from hood?
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