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  1. I'm experiencing the same issue with my 2019: when you start the truck, no sound comes out about 50% of the time. The only thing I found that gets it going again is to change stations. It doesn't seem to matter if I left it in Sirrius or FM. Has anyone gotten the issue resolved either by replacement or software update?
  2. Now that you mention it, I'm pretty sure it was the Longhorn that I drove, so I guess I got the most animal head centric model as my exposure to the brand. Interesting too is the availability/dealer selection depending on where you live and how that affects purchasing decisions. Here in Massachusetts, swing a cat in pretty much any direction and you will hit a GMC/Chevy store. Ram places are a bit less common, and their selection at the time was far more limited compared to GM.
  3. This is a really good question. I strongly considered the Ram (Laramie Longhorn) when I was deciding on my 2019 Denali. The interior was decidedly better in my opinion, and I especially like the panoramic sunroof. Where things went wrong for me was that ridiculously oversized ram's head plastered over everything. Wherever you look, the jarring, shiny animal head is staring at you, and the one on the tailgate is big enough to double as a satellite dish. All of the ersatz cowboy stuff seemed a bit over the top too (fake belt buckles on the map pockets...seriously?). While I tried to convince myself I'd get used to it somehow, the exterior of the truck nagged as well--it made me think of a committee of hipsters arguing over which shade of beige was more vegan friendly. Checking out the Denali, there was none of that. The style was bold and timeless, and struck me as something that would age well as the miles piled up. While a bit bland, the interior was really conveniently laid out and gave you the sense that this truck would perform however you needed it to. There was also the 6.2 engine, which felt both stronger and smoother than the Ram's hemi. Decision made after the first few yards of the test drive. I won't argue that my decision was largely an emotional one, but I have to admit that some prejudice entered the process. Growing up, GM made all of the "cool" cars to my eyes, and on some level were an aspirational brand. I'm really enjoying the truck so far, and I hope it will provide years of enjoyment and utility.
  4. I really like the look of that; it's what I'd like to see on my truck. Time to look around to see who's doing tinting in my area.
  5. I bought my 2019 Sierra 1500 Denali Ultimate at the beginning of the year as a leftover. All in, the discounts totaled a bit over $14k from sticker which was around 67. It was kind of a weird buying experience as the day I was supposed to finish the paperwork and pick it up, I was told that someone else had bought the truck. Was really miffed about that, but a few days later, they called me back to say that it was available again, so I opted to go ahead and snag it. I had tried to find something similar in the meantime, but there wasn't anything comparable in my area. First new vehicle and first truck purchase in a long time. Buying experience aside, I really like the vehicle and the 6.2 engine has amazing pickup.
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