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  1. 18X9 Fuel Maverick w/ 33X11.5 Nitto Terra Grapplers Readylift +2 SST lift No rubbing at all, I have a set of 35" Ridge Grapplers I may try on but I'm pretty sure they won't fit without a lot of trimming.
  2. I think I'm done for now so I thought I'd throw a pic up. 2020 AT4 Carbonpro 6.2 in Carbon Black Metallic -Readylift +2 lift -33" Nitto Terra Grapplers on 18" Fuel Mavericks. -N-Fab Steps Love this truck. Just the right size, pretty big truck but I can still get into parking spaces in the city. And the 6.2 with the upgraded exhaust/CAI makes every ride a good time.
  3. All of the failures I've seen were the early kits not designed for the AT4. Haven't seen anyone report a problem with the RL kit yet.
  4. Yah, the UCA's are different to fix the angle. I really just wanted to level the truck. Definitely don't want to do anything to cause damage or excessive wear to the it. That's why I went with the RL kit. I had no intention of adding more lift, but when I saw to +1 on these shocks I figured why not ask...it's just one more inch, and then I'll stop, I can stop whenever I want, I swear.
  5. Never had a hard tri-fold. Can you take the GM system off if you need the whole bed without too much difficulty?
  6. Question for anyone with knowledge of this type of setup... I apologize in advance if this is a stupid question. I have an AT4 with the factory 2" lift. I also have the RL +2 SST level kit installed (with the upgraded UCA's). Could I go up another inch by swapping the stock ranchos with these without messing up the suspension geometry?
  7. 2020 AT4 with the 6.2, OEM performance exhaust and CAI upgrade. Riding on 33" Nitto TG's I'm averaging 15.4 at 6500 miles. I do step on it a bit I guess but there are a lot of highway miles on there. I usually put in on cruise at 74. Surprised to see the 18-20 averages... although I did pass my almost twin truck the other day, he was doing 60 at best, couldn't believe I saw the 6.2 badge on the side. I don't think my truck will even allow me to do less than the speed limit,
  8. I'm parked next to a 2020 Silverado at work today. We popped both and it looks like it would be a direct swap. With that said, I work with my truck, and the only time I've ever used the "MultiPro" part of my tailgate or the speaker system was to show people that asked about it and to help my GF get into the back. If I had the option today I definitely would have just have a regular (lighter) tailgate.
  9. I'm kinda shocked about this. The #1 compliment I get on my truck is the paint/color.
  10. I never even noticed my chrome knobs, now they can't be unseen. With that said, I really like the interior of the 2020's, I really LOVE the exterior. It looks like a work truck. They found a way to update it but still make it look like it belongs on a job site.
  11. I don't know if I'll ever get used to the amount of weird noises this truck makes. Now, with the heat I've got the AC drip hitting the exhaust to add to the symphony of sounds my truck makes.
  12. Thanks. Got it ordered up today. I don't feel like messing with the springs so I'm having the shop install. $1100 out the door with the alignment. Tires I have won't work with the control arms though, so I swapped the tires and got some new wheels too.... can't wait to see the finished product.
  13. I've got it on the 6.2 so maybe a bit different, but I love it. It's right on that fine line of a nice noticeable exhaust note and obnoxious. It sounds great in sport mode, but is more low key in regular mode. The cold start is loud, not gonna lie. I feel a bit bad for my wife starting it up at 4:30 AM for work.
  14. How are you liking this kit? Thinking of having it installed soon. If you don't mind, how much was it installed?
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