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  1. Are you getting an error code or just know by visual inspection? If you are getting a P059F, it'll need to be fixed as the ECM is detecting "poor shutter performance". Unfortunately, I don't think the ECM is unlocked on these yet, so simply telling the computer to not look for it is a no-go. There are write-ups on how to delete the system but they all require you to flip it off on the computer
  2. Not at all the same issue. You should still be under warranty so bring it in On that note, I DID just have the exact problem mentioned above and CEL light
  3. Anyone brought in their truck after running it and had them notice the BCM had been modified? Site says up to 2019 but I image my 2020 would be the same. To be honest, the biggest thing I'm looking for it the power windows up/vent/down by FOB. The speed limiter would be a nice thing to bump up a bit too. The website says it's undetectable but can it be if you've unlocked the BCM? https://www.whiteautoandmedia.com/product/autosync-programmer-scan-tool/
  4. One guy suggested modding it as shown. Pretty sure this would work well* but was hoping others might chime in with what they do. With the exception of my honeymoon, my boy hasn't spent more than an hour without me and reallllllly loves car rides
  5. This is the one I've been eyeballing. Goes up to 40" and the top of my back seat sits at 42 https://www.amazon.com/Accordion-Folding-Lightweight-Portable-Sailboat/dp/B07LGK3M8P/ref=sr_1_3?crid=11GN9VKFBI56P&dchild=1&keywords=dog+stairs+truck&qid=1601948601&sprefix=bleche%2Caps%2C165&sr=8-3
  6. Anyone have a set? Looking to get my 100 lbs 15 year old lab up into the backseat of my TrailBoss. I could lift him in but don't think that'd be the most comfortable. I see some on Amazon but want to see if anyone has experience with this setup
  7. Maybe the 1 vs 2 is due to the package you have? I have a 6.2 LT Trailboss and have 1
  8. Open remote Remove contact on rubber button Free and you can't accidentally touch it again Heck, you could have your "tonneau on and off" remotes
  9. After hearing the clarification, I would agree. Dead battery or loose battery terminals
  10. "lights and error codes from putting the vehicle in park" Do you mean it's telling you that you need to put it in park? Have you tried taking it out of park and putting it back to see if the switch is just out of whack?
  11. Go to a dealer, find one with it and take measurements
  12. Which LEDs did you go with for the plates? For the reverse, I am not worried about overheating issues as they're only on for brief periods, for the plates, I think paying a bit more would be worth it
  13. For the price, I said it can't hurt. These probably aren't 1500 lumen but every bit of 900 or so. Anyone else try them? Took me about 2 minutes a side to install https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07VNQ646S/ Sorry, don't have a before and after but had the truck in today for service and the techs asked what they were because they are blinding If anyone has used these, curious on how well they last. The price is "too good to be true" so guessing it won't be long before I have to upgrade again
  14. I called them and got a similar response other than the fact they will not bill me until it ships. I am OK with that. I deal with companies handling the Rona and it's long-term effects all day. Willing to cut em some slack
  15. Has anyone tried swapping the OEM LEDs? I don't want stupid bright, but they are soooo dim. Nervous about just jamming a screwdriver in to pop out the lens, only to find out it is meant to be permanently sealed
  16. Anyone have this cover? The good bad and ugly? https://www.shopchevyparts.com/bed-products/2019-silverado-1500-tonneau-cover-soft-tri-fold-black-short-bed-without-logo/19416976-p-92301876.html With my GM points, I can get it for darn near free. Not worried about things on top (outside of snow). Just need something to block the weather
  17. According to the Google, it can be up to 78.45" in height so 4" more would be 82.45"?
  18. Just thought I'd post this here as to the resolution. Sorry I don't have images. If your tailgate ever gets stuck closed, you can hear the latch but it's not dropping. There's a set of arms on each side that release it. They CAN pop off if they weren't installed properly. Just got back from the dealer and it was about a 15 minute fix to remove the torx screws and slap the arm back on.
  19. Not sure how GM wires things nowadays. I know in the past options like this were simply plugged in, ie adding an entirely different harness for a 250 dollar option was not fiscally viable. It's likely that the wiring is there already and plugging it in "may" enable the feature in the H/U. Only an edumacated guess though.
  20. He might have been adamant because there is only 1? Just crawled under my 2020 6.2 and there's one JUST after the muffler
  21. Damn... I know everything has been down for a bit. Wanted a long bed and ended up short because I insisted on the 6.2. I know there's not a lot of HP gain out of them but want a bit more volume and doing a quality catback isn't in the cards right now Guess I shall wait it out. They said I can place the order and they won't charge me until it ships
  22. Hi folks, first time Silverado owner here (2020 Silverado LT Trailboss 6.2). Owned many K5s in the day but never the pickup. It seems that everyone is sold out of this CAI and after searching, seems like the best bang for the buck. Know it's a long shot but had to ask. Rob
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