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  1. Saw it online and definitely interested. Did you install it yourself? If so, how did that go? I was curious about how to disconnect the fuel lines - seems like a special tool is needed?
  2. I don't like that that much because it looks like you've hit your brakes just as you pulled in front of a semi. All I need to do is figure out the signals on the bus and then I can use the Ardiuno to pass those signals when I want. I like it because now I'm not tapping or splitting into wiring.
  3. I wanted to flash my parking lights but really the trailer marker lights to thank truckers who flash their lights to let me know it's clear to move back over after passing them. I was looking into an interrupt switch, but at 15 amps, I would want a relay and that made it more complicated. A friend suggested I look at the CAN BUS and sure enough I found a place that sells a module that will turn the factory lights into strobes for construction, emergency, etc. That module plugs directly into the BCM, so I assumed that I could probably do my own device using an ardiuno that specifically flashed the trailer parking lights on and off.
  4. Tell me about your Autoenginuity Scanner - can it read and send CAN BUS commands/signals? I want to control the behavior of the parking lights and understand that they are controlled through the BCM. My OBD scanner doesn’t do much (ie it’s cheap).
  5. What would really be awesome would be the ability to change the rear view mirror screen to use the trailer camera view instead of the camera on the tailgate or brake light - when I'm pulling a trailer, can't see anything really through the rear view mirror in either setting (mirror mode or camera/screen mode).
  6. I wonder if perhaps the camera is bad. I haven't been able to test because my trailer was in the shop getting some warranty work done and I left the camera kit in the trailer to see if my dealer could give me an estimate for installing it. In the end, I'm about 14' short so I ordered an extension cable from Pasternack and will do the install myself. In the meantime, I started looking for the camera with part number 23390514. One of the websites I found that had the camera also listed it also superseded by part # 84676845. https://www.gmpartscorp.com/p/GMC__Sierra-1500/Camera-Front--Rear/73720823/23390514.html I then looked up 84676845 and it seems to be a very common GM camera used on a lot of cars and trucks. I picked up my trailer yesterday and am prepping for a camping trip, so probably won't have time, but was thinking of pulling the tailgate camera and attaching it to the trailer camera cable and seeing if it worked. Could be a cheaper option, but even if I got the camera, would still need an aftermarket cable that plugged into the truck receptacle. Anyone else willing to try out a camera on their truck hooked up to the OEM cable?
  7. I had a somewhat similar issue - when I first started the truck, it would play from a station that I never recall having listened to (and music that I really didn't like). Once it loaded my profile, I got my regular radio station back. I think that the problem is still there but somehow the station that came on at startup changed to my regular station. The reason I think the problem is there is that the music pauses briefly once the profile loads and comes back on afterward. I might try to delete both profiles and create just one since I'm really the only driver.
  8. Chuck, Do you have EMT conduit all the way to the camera mount? If not, how did you protect the cable from the camera to the point where it enters into your EMT conduit? Do you have pictures of how you built up and protected the Pasternack cable? I was thinking of wrapping it in a braided loom first and then put that inside a split loom. How did you protect the connectors between the original cable and the new Pasternack cable? I'm guessing that at 20', that connector is somewhere under your trailer. Is wrapping the connection in Scotch 33+ sufficient? Thanks!
  9. I was looking up that part number and that camera seems to be used on more than just the Equinox. Looking forward to your next update after you receive the OEM camera. Does that camera seem to be weatherproof or does it need to be in a separate housing? I'm in the same boat, would love to have cameras on both of my horse trailers - inside and outside.
  10. Just curious if you've made any progress with this.
  11. Found this Fakra cable on Amazon - no details about the coax though. Would this work? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07PHW5SBP/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_DE8H0MEYZAMBV1SVQ0EW?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  12. My GN horse trailer is about the same length as your trailer. Going to do some measurements this week to confirm the length of the extension that I'll need. Just wanted to confirm a couple of things: 1. The extension goes between the camera and the old cable, correct? 2. You ordered a cable with a Black FAKRA Jack to FAKRA Plug. Does this look like the correct cable from the website? https://www.pasternack.com/showProduct.aspx?SEName=fakra-jack-fakra-plug-lmr100-cable-assembly-pe3w08444&ProductID= Thanks!
  13. Noticed a couple of days ago that at the shopchevyparts.com website updated the fender flare description saying that it does NOT fit dually trucks. Guess I'm going to have to go the painted route.
  14. Does anyone know if the paint matched fender flares would fit on a Dually truck?
  15. Did the image end up being reversed or upside-down when you placed the camera bracket upside-down?
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