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  1. Does anyone know if the paint matched fender flares would fit on a Dually truck?
  2. Did the image end up being reversed or upside-down when you placed the camera bracket upside-down?
  3. Did you get the new part number by any chance? I'm looking for a set of summit white flares for my 3500 dually.
  4. How long is your trailer? I have a 48' gooseneck triple-axle horse trailer and just received modified valve stems for the trailer TPMS sensors to go into the tires. Was curious whether or not length might be an issue to read the trailer tire pressures.
  5. Got my new 3500 Denali last week and picked up the extra two sensors I need for my horse trailer on Monday. Took the trailer to the tire shop and didn't take long to figure out that the OEM stems are too small. After talking through some of the options others have taken as well as another one they threw out, decided to order the new/revised valve stems from Nichols. I also like that they're metal stems and not plastic. Taking the horses on a trip next week, so I'll get the sensors installed when we return. Hoping that everything else will go smoothly (programming, etc.).
  6. @kf9yr What type of Ram mount did you use? I looked on their website and didn't see any radio mounts other than handheld.
  7. So strange - my 2019 DRW 3500 Denali had them. Why doesn't the 2020?
  8. My sales guy just called me and remembered that I mentioned our horse trailer has 6 wheels and they threw in two additional trailer tire pressure sensors for me. Wow - awesome service!
  9. I'm so glad I stumbled on this thread. Just picked up my 3500 Denali in white and was disappointed the fender flares are black. Looks like this is a GM part - are color matching fender flares an option? Wonder why my dealer didn't order them if that's the case. Love the look and I'm going to see if I can order them, even those they show as backordered. Fingers crossed!
  10. Thanks for the info! Checked with the dealer and they're about $30 a piece - crazy the markup just because they are a slightly different part # for a trailer!
  11. @elag Can you mix the OEM sensors with third-party sensors? My trailer has 6 tires and the truck came with 4 sensors, so I need just two more. Verified at the dealer yesterday that they charge $150 for 2 sensors (the parts guy showed me the screen and it looked like their cost was $130 and some change).
  12. Traded my 2019 Sierra 3500 in yesterday for the 2020 version. Definitely interested in the cameras. When I was at the dealership this morning to get a couple of things I forgot from my old truck, I asked about the invisible camera and a camera inside the trailer (we trailer horses, so an interior view of our horses would be great). Guys in parts didn't know, so he called the manager at the local GM parts depot who got my VIN and looked it up. He called me back and said that they had the cameras in stock and I mentioned that I have a 49' long trailer and he said it would work with a bluetooth extender. So, now I'm trying to figure out if the camera setup is wired or wireless. Seems to me that the OEM cameras are wired - did he have his parts or my truck mixed up with something else? The quote for 2 cameras with install was $1310.
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