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  1. I did test drove both, but I am afraid I could not make a final conclusion whether ride quality was better on one vs the other. I asked both RAM and GM dealers if I can have a truck for longer test drive. GM said no right away, RAM didn’t respond yet. One thing I noticed was it felt like RAM was louder. I know GM has 10 speed transmission vs 6 on RAM, but I don’t know if it is noticeable while driving or towing. I also found that payload is around 3k on GM and ~2k on RAM. I love interior of RAM, but it looks like GM is stronger and people say better drive. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Which RAM did you have? I am still debating between RAM 2500 and GMC 2500. I also have 2021 RAM 1500. I don't think I would choose any other half ton over my current one, but it is different when it comes to heavy duties. I think RAM is behind in HD with their 6 speed transmission and low payload.
  3. I sent an email to a few dealers, no response so far.
  4. Am I eligible for 0% financing with supplier discount?
  5. you are right, incentives are less for this month:
  6. Can I stuck any other discounts or coupons together to supplier price? True Car or additional cash offers? Are there any email cash discounts from GM like other brands do?
  7. I found on my company site a link to configurator with employee pricing. It is giving me pricing below. My question is if I can get additional dealer's discount to what I get as employee pricing?
  8. This color looks really ugly on online configurator, but when I see posted member's photos I like it so much. Is there any ride quality difference comparing to 2500?
  9. I am getting around 11 MPG with my RAM 1500 EcoDiesel towing my 7.5k travel trailer. Should I expect the same MPG with AT4 6.6 Duramax or less?
  10. Hello everyone, Is there any discussion on this forum where I can find information about high volume dealers? I will be in the market for AT4 from 3-4 weeks to 2-3 months depending on when my employer asks me to come back to office from home office. I am relatively new in trucks world and the one I currently own is 2021 RAM 1500. I love it, but my wife loves it more so she is going to have it when I get something for me. The reason I mentioned RAM is on 5thGenRAM forum they have a very good thread where people share their experience with discounts, dealers and details o
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