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  1. I can't speak to deleting the magnetic ride system, and I have yet to replace the magnaride shocks on my Denali...but I replaced them on an XTS at 60K miles and the difference was night and day. The ride was not horrible yet on the old shocks, but the new shocks were well worth the money to replace. There's some discussion around Magnetic ride on GM vehicles and from what I've read & experienced is that they simply don't last much past 60K miles or so. Even if they don't fail immediately at that mileage, the ride quality dissipates quickly... If your current shock(s) have actually failed or frozen up, you will be amazed at the improvement new magnaride shocks will have. Considering you purchased the truck @ 83K, you probably have yet to experience the magnetic ride system to its fullest.
  2. I've had the booster replaced 2 times, on separate vehicles. 1st time the dealership spilled quite a bit of oil changing the booster...so much so that I thought the engine had sprung a severe leak. IIRC, I had to add about .75 quarts of oil. The 2nd vehicle had no spillage evident and when brought home, the oil level was normal. I would simply recommend checking the oil once you get the car back to verify...(assuming the dealership is doing the recall work)
  3. Michelin Defender LTX can't be beat for value/quality. I would never purchase a Sumitomo for any vehicle I was intending on using and keeping...had them before and they are junk...cheap, but junk.
  4. Personally, I do not like the design of the newer generation. Also, if I were trying to justify trading my truck, that'd tell me that I should probably keep it. If it were me, I'd keep what you have, especially haven replaced/upgraded what you've mentioned.
  5. I've experienced a similar situation...was hauling a trailer and accelerating after a roundabout. Truck didn't down shift (good reason to always have tow/haul mode on when towing lol) and ended up lugging the engine and experienced some serious engine knock...as soon as I let off the throttle the check engine light quit flashing and went away. Doubt you'd be getting the same issue by simply climbing a hill, but a possibility I suppose. I've had a cylinder misfire in another vehicle in which case the computer would probably put the engine in limp mode/deactivate that cylinder, and store the check engine light code (light would stay on until the code gets erased).
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