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  1. I cant say which looks mote aggressive as I have not seen wildpeaks in person. But hopefully pictures come through of my Toyo At3 mounted. Not very aggressive looking but the tradeoff of handling/ noise elimination justified for myself
  2. I was told to buy the nittos but up in Manitoba, I just Didn’t trust them for the long & brutal winters we have up here. Our roads and highways are in terrible shape. We have potholes big enough to take up residence in, and our snow clearing is not always done right off the hop. I needed something that I could feel safe with in the winter. I’ve had previous experience with the At2 and I liked them. My husband had Nitto trail grapplers that were not a great endorsement. They cupped and wore out rather quickly. the Toyo At3 were i stalled on our tail end of winter and I got to t
  3. So apparently MF is not able to address the DFM as GMC module controls the Cylinders- Or that is jist of info I got. Looks like a programmer is only way to get rid of drone and annoying shift feedback. Will be looking into that as a problem solver as I can't hold a gear-depending on wind- at highway speed, and the shifting up and down drives me literally bonkers! Well played fuel efficiency engineers. It works great until it doesn't. I found the efficiency BS drove me bonkers on my previous truck also while using cruise control. I appreciate that GMC at least allows you option to
  4. I have the same issue unfortunately I have a few others in addition to the screen going black. It started with poor audio quality, skipping, poor reception both plugged into phone and bluetooth. unfortunately it wasn’t just the CarPlay it was doing it with Siri and regular radio as well as my phone calls. I thought is was just needing update. I have been on the phone with OnStar trying to get it resolved, they checked my radio signal, made sure my phone tower location was set to the correct one for my area, they boosted my signal strength over the air while on onstar call and rebooted the wh
  5. You have to modify your tailgate to work with the multi pro and the LED badges. (Relocate badge a tad and cut hole for wiring) You can probably search it on the forum ( I find the search feature not to bad if not as common a search as “tires” or “exhaust”). And the guy posted what was all necessary I just can’t recall where it was but I believe it was titled “ Led or backlit badge/emblems”.. He has a decent walk-through with pics of what he all had to do.. googling gmc.com or .ca or . Wherever your local, and hit model and then accessories will bring up the badge/ emblem opt
  6. I am running the toyo AT3 And the 285 /70 R17. I have about 700 or so kilometres on them. I ran the AT2 and really liked them on a previous unit . Obviously time will tell for wear, however what I have experienced so far I really like. I was torn between these, Discovery and the Falkens. My truck came stock with the 18 inch Dura tracks and I absolutely hated those tires. Different strokes but I felt like I was driving a Haywagon and the noise was obnoxious. My biggest pet peeve with those was how many rocks they threw out my own vehicle . The Toyos are much quieter, I can drive do
  7. Added: 17x10 Method MR312 0 offset 285/70/17 Toyo AT3 or 33” Magnaflow catback #19489 With dual chrome tips. ( can keep stock hdmi caps hehe) 35% tint to front windows only. shorty antennae and bottom console organizer from amazon Working with my guy for a mild wrap this week
  8. Magnaflow system catback 2019 Silverado/sierra part number is 19489. DFM sounds still applicable. I was able to clean it up a little bit by running it in sport mode. But the back pressure on the XL gives you a good amount of burble. They are working on the X mod but currently only gotten to the TRX and Ram models at the moment. I am awaiting them to start on the Sierras/Silverado. I never welded my system yet even though I have a slight tick at clamp. I want to see what parts may be interchangeable. It is loud however. I like it and love the fact that I can hear my intakes screaming for air.
  9. I was having same issue. Not sure if related to size/aspect ratio parameters on site, but found if I cropped image fixed. But not a solution for all pics
  10. Supply & demand and 100% Rona. It’s crazy. I lost 5K trading in a 5 yr old truck so I was happy. But dealerships around here are scarce for new and used also. The prices people are asking for used just make me SMH.
  11. First I wouldn’t except anything less than having the dealership shampoo the engine and clean your truck. you were going to get 1000 different replies and you can research it on 10 different forms and get 10 different answers. For myself I have three questions that make my decision. 1.How often do I plan to change my oil in kilometres or hours? 2. How much strain am I actually putting on my engine? Am I towing regularly or just cruising around town.? ( this may change answer to question 1) 3. How much do I feel comfortable spending on said oil? W
  12. Thanks to a bunch of posts on here and a bit of luck I went with my my set up. 21 At4 stock lift no level, no spacers, no trimming or rubbing. A bit stiffer ride than duratracs due to squarer profile. Super happy with less rocks being flung down gravel and reduced tire hum. method 17x 8.5 0 offset Toyo AT3 285/70-17
  13. My investment portfolio is just fine, but thanks for your sage advice and concern. However I will choose to invest in my local and US economy by supporting the people who work at both companies
  14. Just had my Magnaflow catback system installed. I has an MF on previous vehicle and loved the deep sound and quality. Havent had a lot of time on it as of yet but so far a big improvement in sound. I didn’t want obnoxious, but wasn't satisfied with stock. It is a bit noisier in cab, which I enjoy as I like the audio confirmation I am running a V8. I had option to keep HDMI tips but wanted that custom look that the MF provides. They currently only offer chrome tips at this time. Had installed at a local shop, as pricing for labour was reasonable vs. Aggravation, and broken skin
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