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  1. Probably a supply issue as it is the puck system components and the 7 way wire harness with plug connectors in the bed option.
  2. My Dealer has been advising me of the constraints as we have been going along but they are options I do not want to give up as they are needed. For example the last one was the fifth wheel/gooseneck package without it the purpose I am purchasing the truck for is useless and to pay for installation afterward is more expensive than the package. the other constraints in the past alter the packages and remove the Midnight Edition Option that I want there again not looking to settle for a lesser truck. I will continue to wait for GM to get their production fixed and build things correctly. With the prices you pay for trucks these days you should be able to get what you are paying for.
  3. Well we are at the 6 Month point and still do not have my truck ordered with GM they have not been able to place the order do to constraints. Every couple weeks it is a different part they don't have available or they can't build it because this option is missing parts. You can't remove those options because it removes your package you need to get the other options you want. This is getting very frustrating, GM should be building the trucks people are ordering rather than stocking fields and parking lots full of unsellable inventory using up parts that could complete an actual order sitting there for 6 months. Just my thoughts not sure if any actual GM reps read this but I would imagine I am not the only frustrated person with this issue happening. All the while I keep watching rebates and offers pass me by monthly I would love to take advantage of.
  4. Car market is for sure crazy I found a 2020 2500 AT4 GMC today with 23,000 miles at a dealer today. started talking to the sales rep and the price is 74,000 . I sat down and built the same truck with him in the showroom as a 2022 and low and behold the new one had a MSRP of 69,000. I asked the salesman why would I pay 5,000 more for a 2 year old truck with that mileage when you can order a new one. His response was supply and demand they would not budge on the price he stated somebody out there will pay the inflated price and he will make a better commission. Needless to say I will continue to wait for mine to be built.
  5. I had a 2021 3500HD Midnight Edition which has now been moved to a 2022. The truck is an LT with Leather and convenience package 2 with .the 5th wheel gooseneck option. The constraints on it are the safety package lane assist and cross traffic safety. problem is if you try to remove those features it removes the Midnight Edition Package which is what I really want. So the dilemma is settle for something of a lesser truck or continue to wait for what I want. This issue has already cost me more in the long run than it should have and has ruined many vacation plans. Other issue of being forced to a 2022 is any rebates will not apply more than likely.
  6. Well I am at 18 weeks since I placed a down payment and ordered my 3500 HD. Dealer has still not been able to push the order in due to constraints on the build. Then the first news article I see is GM is going to reduce shifts and do shut downs and have already started to lay people off again because of parts shortages and chip issues. The frustration with this whole mess is insane. I have started looking at used trucks again but it is hard to justify buying a used truck that is within a couple years that has a 100,000 miles on it for a higher price the the new one you have ordered. The market crazy so I guess I will continue to drive this old 94 Chevy 2wd truck with 200,000 miles on it till i get my new truck sometime in 202? who knows.
  7. I agree but the used car market is crazy and my other truck was lifted and customized and got more for it than I expected. So I jumped figuring I can go a few weeks without a truck and would have cash in the bank for a down payment as I am not leasing. Did not expect to be months without a truck.
  8. The dealer does not have allocations yet but my order is on their screen so as soon as its available with no constraints they will place the order. Production of the 2022 is supposed to start 7/12 that is why they had me reorder they have already stopped orders of the 2021. I am in hopes it will happen soon , If so maybe I will get it by Christmas.
  9. Ordered a 2021 3500HD Midnight Edition LT March 17th 2021 was told about 8-10 weeks. At about 5 weeks in I got an offer on my current truck I was driving and sold it. Shortly after my dealer told me that due to constraints the truck would not be built as a 2021 and had me come to the dealer on June 1st and reorder the truck as a 2022. As of this point the dealer has yet to be able to place the order for the truck due to constraints on the ordering process for the convenience 1 and 2 packages of the LT models. We are now at 15 weeks since I originally ordered my truck and have sold my other truck. This forced me to purchase another truck and another 5th wheel hitch and pay to have it installed in the meantime to be able to go on planned camping trips but all frustrating expenses on me I have had due to this issue. Is anyone else experiencing the constraint issue on just getting the order through to GM to simply start building a truck. I am a longtime GM Owner and supporter but very frustrated at this point with the whole situation.
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