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  1. For those of you with 4x4 and the LM2 I'm trying to confirm the 1.5" setting on the front will actually result in 1.5". Thanks!
  2. This really makes me want locking caps - can you imagine the possibilities for vandalism and/or sabotage?
  3. FINALLY! It seems there are four more tabs that connect to each of the lower modules AND the blue module was NOT being held in place (clipped in) the way it was supposed to be. With that, there are currently wires installed in the spots specified for the kit (as well as the one under the dash noted in my previous post above). So from the factory it appears I am wired for fog lights, just missing the lights and having them connected - back to wondering about the existing plug just under the RH headlight (previous post above). Wouldn't it be nice if all that was needed was to connect the wiring to the lights right there...
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Na4zJpfeaps Phastek sure makes it look easy. Fuse box removal right at 6:30.
  5. I've run into a snag - the colored boxes under the cover are coming up with the cover. I've backed out the fours screws as far as they will go, released all the clips around the perimeter, disconnected the positive terminal, but at least the blue box (maybe more) is coming up with the cover and not allowing me access. Thoughts? Ideas?
  6. I've decided to install the OEM fog light kit with the OEM switch (Part # 85149040) and have a couple of questions. For reference I have a 2021 LT 4x4 LM2 with standard bed. It's the Texas Edition and has the Universal Home Remote, Rear Sliding Window, Heated Steering/Seats, and Trailer Brake Controller. Plugging in the wire under the driver side dash - I pulled the brown plug to take a look and noticed there is already a wire in the designated slot (brown with white stripe). Installing the new wiring I figure I will need to pull this wire and insert the new, but it begs the question of is it possible to use the existing wire? To go along with the wire I noticed an existing connection at/under the passenger-side headlight (it's just under the amber colored turn signal bulb) where I would be plugging in the new harness that comes with the kit. Is it possible this is the connection used for those trucks that come with fog lights from the factory? Has anyone witnessed how/where the factory installed lights are connected?
  7. Thanks! I'll keep this in mind at my next change.
  8. I've used Blackstone Labs for a couple of oil changes (waiting on the second report now) since I started using Amsoil for my 3.0 Duramax. I see testing kits on the Amsoil site here: https://www.amsoil.com/c/oil-analysis/102/, but I do not see anything about where it goes/who performs the testing.
  9. You might look through this thread - it has some good How To info with pics for adding lights up there. Maybe you'll see something.
  10. A couple of months ago I purchased a wireless charger for my iPhone to mount in the truck. Some kind of interference was happening with the electronics as I started receiving the Remote Not Detected message almost immediately. The manufacturer of the charger sent me an older model (the previous model of the New & Improved version) and the problem went away.
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