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  1. Ask a simple question,get something like this... You are a hero,to yourself. I really dont care.... I've got engineers at work too.. Think they r brilliant,but they r not. U remind me of them.
  2. Any rumors out there about either upgrading or replacing the 5.3L? Its getting a bit long in the tooth.... Everytime Ive driven one Ive been completely underwhelmed,it would be my last choice of V8s out there to buy. Ive had the 6.2L.....had alot of lifter/pushrod issues but liked the motor,except it needed premium,knocked badly without. Maybe the newer 6.2L has better programming to allow using regular,but I do not want another truck that needs premium. No interest in half ton diesel either....
  3. My 15 didnt vibrate initially but started about 15k kms....so the test drive might not indicate anything. I too got rid of it,but it also went thru multiple lifters n pushrods,and had a balky tranny. Chev didnt give a shit bout any of it.
  4. 3 times I went in for lifter/pushrod issues.... At least they could fix it for a while...I gave up on highway vibes and tranny
  5. Did the same....the poor service lady was very apologetic and admitted the tranny was crap but the dealerships hands were tied... I said dont worry about it I wont have the POS for long and you will never see me again....and they havent
  6. My 15 6.2L had lifter/pushrod failures 3 times Between that issue,tranny issue and highway vibe it was the biggest POS Ive ever owned....and its gone Not worth the pain of owning it
  7. Smooth as glass....the ride and the tranny. Hope the GM 10 speed is as good
  8. Had this rattle as well.....windshield /dash area.....right in middle. Never figured it out before I got rid of the POS
  9. Yup....got sick of the shitty 8 speed,highway vibes,and multiple lifter n pushrod failures....dumped the POS and went back to Ford. When a dealership shop admits the tranny wasn't right but Chev wouldn't touch it was the final straw.... GM can kiss my ass
  10. There is no lemon law in Canada as far as I know.... Problem has been taken of....I no longer own the POS
  11. My 6.2L has had a jekyll n hyde attitude since day 1. Clunky,harsh,pops....slow to engage when put In D when cold. My truck was been in shop for almost a week for top end issues and I've been driving a rental with 5.3 and 6 speed. The 8 speed is absolutely horrible compared to the 6....at least with my 15 It's pretty enlightening to drive them back to back. Maybe Chev has refined the 8.....15s (like mine) were 1st year for the 8 speed....I would hope so
  12. Money isn't everything... Lose boatloads....no Lose for sure Tranny still shit Highway vibes they don't care about Whatever I'll take the hit and be done with it
  13. Got truck back. All lifters replaced,bent push rods...etc Probable cause was lifter oil manifold issue(manifold replaced as well) On another note they admit tranny is messed up but until a codes thrown nothing can be done. F...k it I'm done with this POS....hopefully by late Friday I can close the book on this junk.
  14. 3 Days in shop Still not repaired Lifter failure on same side as those replaced less than 2 months ago Either they messed up or there is something internally wrong they are not finding or saying... With other issues I'm having this truck is on it's way out....F...k it
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