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  1. I read that and if you keep reading it says after it goes to zero it puts itself in learning mode and after 3-4 tanks with the analog gauges and up to 10 on the digital gauges in the top trims that it fixes it self and reads correctly. Everyone that has them says the fuel level works correctlyafter a while and that the distance to empty is hit or miss on getting to work. Also some people are on the new VIP Architecture in the refreshed models, there might be a chance the distance to empty works too.
  2. They just released a larger replacement tank for the 3.0L Duramax yesterday. 43 gallons! Im gonna wait for black friday at this point but this should help a lot of people out that tow with this motor. Looks like its only for the crew cab right now but both bed sizes. https://titanfueltanks.com/gmc-1500-3500-crew-cab-7010519
  3. I have a 2022 Denali Ultimate with Supercruise. Mine was at the end of April and by mid May they stopped making them with Supercruise, I just made it. Its definitely worth it if you can wait. There's a big update coming this fall that doubles the amount of roads available too.
  4. I was hoping it was the new super cruise map update. Dang
  5. Sound like no one is having any loss really which is cool. Thanks for the replies!
  6. Denali Ultimate - 3.0 Babymax Had it about 2 weeks now. The shipping time was so painfully long. Love it so far though and the mileage is awesome.
  7. For those of you that have a shell with the baby max, what effect did it have on your mpg? Im thinking about ordering an A.R.E CX Revo camper shell for my 2022 sierra refreshed 1500. I have the baby Duramax and am curious how much my mpg's will go down. Im getting great mileage right now so Im hoping it wont go down too much. Pic of truck just for fun
  8. For those of you that had your truck built in Fort Wayne, how long after the truck was actually shipped and moving did it take for you to receive it? I just found out mine is on the move as of today after sitting in a lot since April, but I'm on the west coast, so curious about timing.
  9. Same here. My denali ultimate was finished april 22nd and is still 3800 and no holds. Im on the west coast and was told by a customer service rep that shipping could be between 3 and 12 weeks depending on what factory and where the final destination is.
  10. My Denali Ultimate has been built and is currently shipped. It was finished being built 4-25. Frost white 3.0l Duramax if that helps. Did you reserve one? If not they are sold out, if so then you will get one, just might take a while.
  11. For those of you who had your truck built at Fort Wayne, how long after being built did it ship? My truck was completed 4-25 and Im just trying to get a feel for how long Im still gonna have to wait. Im on the west coast so I know after it ships it will still be a few weeks at a minimum.
  12. Fort Wayne, Indiana was the only plant mentioned by GM. Who knows though.
  13. Dealer looked it up for me a couple weeks ago when I first got my tpw. I guess they could change it but every denali ultimate that has been built so far has been from fort wayne.
  14. My order was suppose to start the week of 4-4 at fort wayne now they are saying the fort wayne plant will shut down for that week and the next but my tpw still says 4-4 as of today. Man I hope they sneek it in before the shut down. Doubtful though. Code is still 3300 2022 denali ultimate 3.0l frost white
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