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  1. Do you have an order number from your dealer? Something like a 6 digit alphanumeric? If you have that, go to gmc.com and initiate a chat. When the bot asks what you need help with type "order status". They will then ask you for your order number or VIN. Honestly not sure when the deadline was to order a 2022. Pretty sure production has switched over to 2023's for some time now.
  2. Go to gmc.com and initiate a chat with the bot. Ask for a live agent. It's been my experience they won't tell you anything beyond what the dealer can tell you. However within a day or two of doing that I got a "Satisfaction Survey" by email from GM and I used the opportunity to tell them what a crappy job they were doing on communicating the status of factory ordered trucks for what good that will do. Reserved/ordered 4/4, 5/5 GM accepted order, TPW of 6/20. Received email "congratulations your vehicle has been built" on 7/5. It is sitting somewhere missing parts same as yours. Not sure it will ever show up at this rate. I may go the route of placing an order with Ford for a F150 and seeing which shows up first.
  3. Update: Dealership says the truck is "missing parts" and sitting in a lot somewhere in Ohio. They have no idea when it might actually ship. They said there has been no consistent pattern for how long an ordered, built but missing parts vehicle might sit. I went into this thinking 3 to 6 months to get the truck. It looks like if anything that might be optimistic. Half joking asked when 2023 production starts and they said don't bother it could be 9 months before any of those start showing up - clearly they are as frustrated as I am.
  4. GM chat was able to tell me that my vehicle has been produced and is awaiting shipping. For reference, reserved and ordered on 4/4. Order accepted by GM 5/5. TPW 6/20. SLT crew cab short bed 3.0 Duramax SLT premium plus pkg x31 protection pkg sunroof Now I just have to see when it ships and what it is missing when it arrives.
  5. Looks like I might get lucky. Order placed 4/4, order accepted 5/5. Just received an email 6/20 from GM that the truck is being built. SLT crew/short bed premium plus pkg 3.0 L Duramax x31 sunroof
  6. gmauthority has an article today saying now the 3.0L LM2 diesel is on constraint and dealers will be contacting people with orders - sounds like options are either the 2.7 or 5.3 or wait until next year for the 2023 with the new LZ0 engine. Ordered 4/4/ gm accepted order 5/5 but still no TPW so I'm guessing I am not getting a truck built this year. I'm not sure what I'm going to do. My dealer has some 2022 Limiteds with the 3.0L diesel. Downside to that is it doesn't have the refreshed interior, no HD surround vision which I am kind of ambivalent about and they are lacking parking assist, rear cross traffic alert, heated steering wheel and heated/ventilated/cooled seats - to be retrofitted at some future date whenever parts become available. I feel like the supply chain issues aren't going to get better and waiting for 2023's seems like that's no guarantee of getting a truck built either and with the way prices on everything are going up its a safe bet the 2023's will cost even more than the 2022 refresh.. At the same time if I "settle" for a 2022 limited it won't have the items noted above - I'm not confident the parts come in for the missing features anytime soon either - if ever.
  7. Update 6/3/22. Spoke to the dealer today to see if there was anything on constraint holding up my order. Dealer said they didn't see anything in the system and the TPW was 6/20/22. Mentioned that he had to have some difficult conversations with folks who ordered the Denali Ultimate - no super cruise and apparently now no 6.2 - asking folks to get the 3.0 diesel instead for whatever that is worth.
  8. Thanks for the info. It might explain why I haven't gotten a TPW yet - order placed 4/4, accepted by GM 5/5. Hmmn. Already had to delete splash guards to get the order accepted. The multi flex is kind of nice and it would suck to have to delete that to get the truck.
  9. If you went on gmc.com https://www.gmc.com/trucks/sierra/1500 And clicked on the "Reserve Now" button, you would be prompted to pay a $100 refundable deposit and pick a dealer near you. After you completed the reservation you would get a reservation number via email from GM and take that to your dealer to build your truck and place an order. At that time your dealer should give you a 6 character order number. If you haven't done/gotten those things you probably don't have anything on order and your dealer is simply waiting for something close to what you want to come in at which time they will probably sell it to the highest bidder.
  10. Did you get an order number from your dealer? 6 character value with letters and numbers. You can go to gmc.com and use the chat feature to check on order status. At least it will show if the dealer has placed the order with GM and if GM has accepted it.
  11. Did you get an order number from your dealer? Should be a 6 character value with letters and numbers. If you have that you can go to gmc.com and use the chat feature to check status. Start chat by saying "hi" and when they ask what do you need help with reply "order status". They will ask for your order number and let you know if the dealer even placed the order with them and whether they've accepted it to begin building it.
  12. Minor update. Made a reservation for a 2022 refresh SLT on 4/2. Ordered with a local dealer on the same day. GMC chat confirmed the dealer placed the order on 4/5 but GM had not accepted the order at that time. Today the dealership contacted me to let me know GM was telling them the truck could not be ordered with splash guards. I told the dealer that was fine and to change the order to delete the splash guards. GM as of today 4/26 still has not accepted the order from the dealer. So the order I placed is for 1. 2022 SLT Crewcab shortbox 4x4 in summit white/jet black interior 2. 3.0L duramax 3. SLT trim 4. SLT premium plus package 5. X31 Off Road and protection package 6. power sunroof The splash guards (part of the x31 off road protection package) seem like a weird item to have to delete but it is easy enough to order after market so it was a no brainer to agree to delete them from the build if that is what is holding GM up from accepting the order. I went into this thinking 3 to 6 months. Just going to have to wait and see I guess.
  13. I have a 2022 refresh Sierra 1500 on order with the 3.0L duramax. The AFM and lifter issues concerned me enough to give the diesel a try. The 2.7L turbo on a truck this size just doesn't make sense to me. My use is some around time with longer trips (3 to 6 hours) so the diesel seemed like a decent fit.
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