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  1. I agree, if T does not win in 2020 the economy is going to tank out overnight. As someone has to foot the bill for all of the free stuff that was promised.
  2. Got a 2009 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 5.3 AFM (non flex). If a tuner is used to disable the DOD - will the oil pressure be to high I read something on that needed some clearification. Would you need to do the DOD Delete KIT prior to this? Any help/explanations would be great. thanks
  3. That diesel from Ford appears to have a TIMING BELT - so that will have to be replaced or it will eventually break. Looks very expensive and most likely a nightmare to work on.
  4. What was the $1300 transmission oil change, what all did that involve? What was the $2100 was that related to emissions?
  5. I am fixin to start in on the fuel pump replacement (been reading the forums here). My question is I have the Ext Cab short bed (26 gallon) I think not 100% sure. On the replacement pump from reading there is 3 different models of them. One with Evap, one without and another one. Is it easier to raise the bed than dropping the fuel tank out of the truck? ** Adding in the fuel gauge stays at full all the time except when it gets a little lower in the tank. This sensor is on the fuel pump itself correct? Does anyone have any screenshots of this doing it either way? thanks
  6. As long as it runs I could careless about the dashboard. Scratches, cracks and/or other things don't bother me much. Got a 2000 Z71 with many, many miles no cracks and another 2009 with no cracks neither have been pampered either.
  7. My big concern is the EMISSIONS they cripple it with and the urea can that be gotten rid of? All of these EPA mandates that cripple the owner with super expensive repairs and particulate filters that clog up. The death of a diesel is all of this mandated garbage on there. They even put emissions on tractors it is beyond stupid.
  8. Makes sense, does this go back to the 'every bore' is the same in the blocks and the same piston/ring set for everyone where they are not really matched?
  9. What exactly if the ring/piston update a new design???
  10. I bet the EPA bean counters will pass regulations in the not so distant future making this illegal and/or unable to turn off.
  11. arz71

    IMG 0078

    Nice truck, very clean and love that body style.
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