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  1. Sorry guys, I made this topic 4-1/2 years ago. Back then, all the links worked, but I’m sure the forum settings have changed a good bit since then. Side note: I was planning on coming back to GMC with the 2019’s but I just can’t get past that front end. So I bought another F-150 Platinum instead. Hopefully, I’ll like the 2024 GMC’s! Ha
  2. Upper firewall location: Under driver's left foot location: (see attached)
  3. If I did again, I'd try to find the black switches with the single red LED dot at top to indicate on. Mine are a little too much red plastic when compared against the dash.
  4. Sounds like they hooked up the HIDs with a Relay Wiring Harness but did not use Capacitors. Let them know in order for HIDs to work correctly in a new Sierra you need both installed. If you look in post #1 there are wiring diagrams.. print out and show them. Capacitors have several alternate names such as error code eliminators, CAN-Bus, etc...but they're all the same thing.
  5. Amazon backs the purchase/return, so I'd say go for it. LED bulb designs are constantly being improved upon, increasing in capability and value for dollar. VLEDs were the best available 6 months ago but by now there could easily be better stuff available.
  6. LED fogs for function will require retrofitting a 9006 or similar type LED bulb: http://www.vleds.com/headlights/led.html I personally haven't seen any legitimate 5202 LED bulbs other than the Oracle's. Most on here so far has just added LED fogs for looks. Let us know in the LED Fog Topic (http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/156170-led-fog-bulbs-lights/) if you decide to buy the Oracle 5202's!
  7. So far, no member has reported doing the Sierra's themselves, but the pro guy mentioned which kit he thought would go in the easiest. There's another topic on here about opening the lights with an oven (vs cutting) if you're interested in being the first to try the DIY retrofit at home. What's the worst that could happen..? ha
  8. ChrisNJ- go back and read this entire topic. Both Silverado & Sierra headlight projector swaps have been discussed/explained.
  9. ChrisNJ - your projectors are working correctly, as intended. Only thing you can do is adjust the aim. The shutters are not adjustable but projectors are.. http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/158300-aiming-adjusting-headlights/
  10. The VLED headlight LEDs didn't work that well in GM projectors, b/c of the "two LEDs, one on each side" setup, so I'd imagine the Oracle will have the identical issues. For the Chevy non-projector guys, it's a sweet upgrade.
  11. What are y'all placing the lights on when in over? Directly on rack? Baking sheet? Asbestos? =) If GTPprix's reprogramming falls through, I'm considering removing the factory LED strips and replacing them with aftermarket/custom ones. .
  12. No biggie. They go by so many names, depending on vendor, so they're easily mixed up.
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