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  1. Just had to share the potential of this 6.6L. Hopefully supercharger or turbo kits are coming soon. https://www.motortrend.com/how-to/scoggin-dickey-2000-hp-l8t-truck-engine/ https://youtu.be/6p3qkX_KYts Parts list from article: ATI balancer Callies Ultra Enforcer I-beam rods. PN: U17175 Chevrolet Performance Gen V L8T 3.860 forged 58X crankshaft. PN: 12708884 Comp Cams hydraulic roller GM 1.8:1 rocker arms w/ CHE trunion upgrade GM LT4 head gaskets GM rod and main bearings Hooker exhaust manifolds Holley 102mm cable throttle body Holley High Ram port injection intake manifold MAXIMA 15W-50 break-in oil Moroso oil pan w/Peterson external oil pump SDPC Raceshop modified L8T engine block with steel caps. PN: SDR98759 SDPC Raceshop CNC Ported Gen V LT4 Cylinder Heads. PN: SDR78973 Shearer Fabrication Intercooler Wastegates and blow-off valves by Precision Turbo & Engine Wiseco 2618 forged aluminum pistons w/Total Seal rings
  2. 3-4months is what I was quoted too. ordered mid December, loaded 22 high country. Guess we'll see.
  3. Where can I buy a set? 2500HD CC SRW. Look damn good..
  4. I also have a 6.2/10spd combo, and have been putting off buying the range until confirmed working. Did you notice DFM beforehand? When my truck was brand new I couldn't, have about 10k now. Within prob the last 2k I can watch my RPMs bounce up and down on hills as DFM does its thing. Getting annoyed.
  5. My truck is currently at the dealership for this same code. Apparently the 'fix' is to engage the park brake every time you park the truck. REALLY GM? When in park the wheel speed sensor somehow stays on, if movement detected(parked on an incline, loading truck, etc..) it throws the code. They told me no fix as of today, but they're working on it. What a pain to put on the park brake every time you park, not impressed.
  6. Block heater is an option box the dealership needs to check off when ordering
  7. Following. Would like to see pacific blue metallic
  8. Hello all, I'm looking for some decent mudflaps as I drive gravel roads often. Ideally some kickback flaps as they're heavy duty, and wider for extra coverage. Have been unable to find any yet. Thanks.. Added pic of truck
  9. I've been waiting on Canadian pricing too. I get the discounted pricing through my employer, so invoice plus 1 or 2%. My last truck was a factory ordered 14, MSRP was 62.3k and ended up paying 49.8k+tax. I have my eye on these 19s either the denali, at4 or high country. But if MSRP is in the 80s i doubt I'll be getting one. Waiting to hear back from salesman what the MSRP vs discount will be for all x3.
  10. Looks like the AT4 has the 2" lift, and the elevation has a similar appearance package without the lift?
  11. Now if only I can get an AT4/6.2 with the max trailer pack. Would like some 3.42s and tow mirrors in that trim.
  12. I'm slightly disappointed with the HP numbers on the 6.2 as well. However, it will have the new 10spd attached and drive select mode, sport/tow/cruise etc. So if they get the tuning right on it, and the truck doesn't feel like a slug unless you're WOT I'd be happy.
  13. Wondering if these engines will be tune-able as usual? Currently have my 2500hd LBZ, but am I'm looking to get back into a half ton for 2019. Ideally would like a 6.2 again.. Only concern is issues with tuning them like the new L5Ps uncrackable ECM. Want either Armageddon twin turbos or a supercharger with a mild cam down the road. If they're not, looks like I'll stick with my old truck.
  14. This is why i sold my 14 silverado... Intermittent vibrating bullsh!t i can't stand. Picked up a fully loaded 07 silverado crew cab Duramax instead.
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