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  1. We have a Timber Ridge 280RSK made by Outdoors RV. All the Outdoors RV models seem well built with a reinforced model specific off road chassis, true four season insulation and, 80 gallon fresh water and 3 40 gallon waste tanks. One thing that doesn't seem consistent in the industry are model designations. This trailer is a 280 with a body that has 28 feet of living space and bumper to hitch length of 34 feet. Our last trailer was a Kit Road Ranger 23YT and the body was 18 feet and overall length 23 feet. You never know how a trailer will tow until you try it out. Even though this trailer is 1
  2. I wondered about using spot free rinse, like for your dish washer, siphoned through the pressure washer..
  3. Buy it and tell us how it works! I'm a little skeptical, but I've been wrong before! I use the "story pole" method. Park your truck on a level spot and mark front and rear references points on a stick. Hook up your trailer and adjust the hitch, a scale is the best way, and remark your stick with the new reference points. Using the stick you can tell at a glance when you hook the trailer or load the bed if any weight distribution has changed. It's surprising how putting a little weight in the bed changes things compared with how little filling my rear 80 gallon fresh water tank does.
  4. If the truck has the original size tires on it and the spare is what came with the truck, yes.
  5. I had the same lights on my 2011, turned out to be the steering angle sensor. I didn't have the shifter issues though.
  6. I had a similar issue and LT E rated tires on the truck and shocks on the trailer seems to solved it.I
  7. That is the head for an equalizer type hitch. The small ball is for the attachment of a friction type sway control. There should be two spring bars to go with it.
  8. Even after modifying the tongue jack on my travel trailer with a removable crank handle, my tailgate only misses it by about an inch when dropped. Even if the Ram gate would open it would be against the gas bottles.
  9. You'll love it! I have two reverse lights on my utility trailer and four LEDs under my travel trailer aimed off to the side and rear. It's the greatest when you come home late.
  10. I'm sure it would move it OK, but if this is a one time deal, it may be easier and safer to have a RV dealer or tow company move it for you.
  11. Towing on the highway should be Ok, just get use to staying in 4th gear a lot. Issues could come up if you install a tall set of tires or try to pull up a really steep boat ramp in high range.
  12. Has anyone ever used an automatic dishwasher type rinse on their truck? I hand wash my cars, but use a pressure washer to prewet and rinse. The washer has a low pressure applicator for soap and I was wondering if I could use it for something like the "jet dry" my wife uses it the dishwasher. I have used Adam's detail spray before drying and it makes quite a difference.
  13. So, I live in Central Washington and even with our long winters and mountain driving you seldom need 4X4. When I ordered my truck I could get a SLE with 4X4 that I would that I would need every year or two, or for the same price a 4X2 6.2 NHT rocket that I could enjoy every time I stick the key in the ignition! Seems like a no brainer! The only down side is if you order a 6.2 4X2 in snow country you have to sign your life away! Mike
  14. Boy I don't know where you live, but around here it's the Power Strokes! When my 6.2 sucks in some Power Stroke fumes it's like the afterburner kicks in. I hit the recalculate on the AC and the turn signal at the same time! Mike
  15. This is my 6.2's favorite time of year! I'm hitching up the trailer for a week of camping! Is your Power Stroke missing? Check under my tires! Mike
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