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  1. Hot my Truck a while back nothing the dealerskie can do they say it’s working as designed. So I tinted the screen and it’s ok not good not $70k good but it will do. By far the worst service experience I have ever had is with GMC dealership service. They never disappoint me in their attentiveness and willingness to address customers issues. Very poor service not because they can’t fix the problems with the vehicle it’s the approach they use which is very poor.
  2. Towing my 2640 Glacier Bay around 10k. Truck handled it with ease. It has Firestone air bags I was very happy with the ride.
  3. I agree I did call a different dealership and explained my situation and was denied service. They said they can’t get in the middle of another dealership when they are working on the issue. I explained that the other dealership did not put it on the ticket and nothing is on file. No difference they would not touch it. So I called GM and after a few days got a call from a senior advisor and she confirmed that GM policy is 3k miles before vibration issues will be pursued so I said ok give me back my money and I’ll start incremental payments on the truck than when it’s all good I’ll start making full payments. Im not happy but can’t do much of anything other than drive and wait. I did check the tires and wheel lugs along with suspension and drive line for any obvious problems. Got nothing.
  4. I got it mounted (Double sided 3m tape) next to the start button. I like this option vs chasing wires to the cab every time you install something new. The led bar in grill is mounted on ALUMINIUM angle brackets secured to existing screws that hold the active flappers the light sits in front. I’m very pleased with the amount of light this thing puts out I was worried that the grill will block it but it’s awesome. https://www.blackoakled.com/products/30-s-series-single-row-led-light-bar 6 Gang Switch Panel, Nirider Universal Circuit Control Box Button Switch Pod Touch Switch Box For Truck Jeep ATV UTV SUV Car https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07QP5TQDK/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_UVGkDbC0XBNY1
  5. Matching tint to back windows Black oak led reverse lights 30 inch in grill black oak single stack led bar interior led foot wells and glovebox hood wind deflector revolver bed cover Firestone air bags with compressor. I’m sure I forgot a few.
  6. Thank you for the update please let us know how you make out. I will be bringing my 6.2 Denali in for high speed vibration and this noise again. I was told the first time at 2000 miles they can’t even look for the vibration as per GM will not cover cost until at least 3000 miles I’m 500 miles away and back to GMC dealership hope it’s a simple tire or rim. But they would not even wright it on the service ticket until 3000 miles talked to the service manager and was told that is GM policy. My 2008 LMM was perfect I miss that damn thing.
  7. I got 6.2 Sierra have the same noise st startup 20-30 seconds. My dealership told me it’s the HPFP high-pressure fuel pump auto checking itself at start up. Sounds like BS but what do I know. I had 5 BMW 2 Audi and the multiple loaner vehicles when they were at the dealership for service . All direct injection vehicles require high pressure fuel pump but non ever made noise they failed but never made this annoying noise. $70k truck and it squeals like a little pig shame on you GM. I’ll try a different dealer if someone comes up with something else please post.
  8. My truck is back at the shop and the service manager is trying to get it resolved with GM's help. They had it for a week now and still no thing new. Tried to reprogram tried to change out some module. No good still the same. If they fix it ill post what was done. thanks
  9. I got the same issue with my truck. Very dull gray scale not black GPS background at night and even when you dim everything once in reverse it feels it needs to go to full brightness blinding you. Its at the dealer since last week. Spoke to the service manager today I was told they replaced some module and still goes to full brightness when you put it in reverse. They will try software update or something with help from GM on Monday. Other than that the truck has been great.
  10. 2019 Sierra Denali here same issue screens sucks washed out colors no adjustment options. Way to bright at night just turns gray when you dim the instrument cluster no individual control sad for 70k
  11. I took my 2019 Sierra Denali in for the screen brightness, full brightness in reverse at night and washed out dull gray overall screen to my local dealer today. I was told there is no fix for it just yet. They said that they called GM and requested assistance but were told there is nothing for it yet. When I got home I called GM corporate # asking about this and was told the same thing nothing yet. Enough people have to complain in order for them do do something ( software update ) Unless they just wanted to get rid of me. But I was told no fix for now. If this is not true can you please respond. Thank you
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