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  1. My truck is back at the shop and the service manager is trying to get it resolved with GM's help. They had it for a week now and still no thing new. Tried to reprogram tried to change out some module. No good still the same. If they fix it ill post what was done. thanks
  2. I got the same issue with my truck. Very dull gray scale not black GPS background at night and even when you dim everything once in reverse it feels it needs to go to full brightness blinding you. Its at the dealer since last week. Spoke to the service manager today I was told they replaced some module and still goes to full brightness when you put it in reverse. They will try software update or something with help from GM on Monday. Other than that the truck has been great.
  3. 2019 Sierra Denali here same issue screens sucks washed out colors no adjustment options. Way to bright at night just turns gray when you dim the instrument cluster no individual control sad for 70k
  4. I took my 2019 Sierra Denali in for the screen brightness, full brightness in reverse at night and washed out dull gray overall screen to my local dealer today. I was told there is no fix for it just yet. They said that they called GM and requested assistance but were told there is nothing for it yet. When I got home I called GM corporate # asking about this and was told the same thing nothing yet. Enough people have to complain in order for them do do something ( software update ) Unless they just wanted to get rid of me. But I was told no fix for now. If this is not true can you please respond. Thank you

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