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  1. My latest 2.7T fuel economy numbers..... 400 mile AVG 29.1 mpg life of vehicle (11111.1 miles) 22.7 mpg
  2. My best 400 mile Fuel Economy 400 mile average.
  3. Their diagnosis and actions seem on the money. Low voltage could possibly send the TCM offline and if the TCM were offline other modules wouldn't receive important data from the TCM, like whether or not it was in park, etc. It would also possibly choose a gear not based on the TCM programming but rather based on the hydraulics and their design for this unlikely but possible situation.
  4. Trip B odometer has never been reset. Fuel Economy shown is for life of vehicle. This truck has had significant towing and haven't always been hyper-miling. Still seems like a pretty good LoV FE average. Can any top this? 6.2L 8 Spd.
  5. If 'A' produces 'C' and 'B' produces 'C' then the difference between 'A' and 'B' must always be negligible..............me thinks not.
  6. If they are unsure have them call Technical Assistance Center. There's a good liklihood that the reflash will fix the problem. Keep in mind after the reflash the dealer should run service fast learn and perform the clutch adapt procedure before giving the truck back to you.
  7. huntr1117, please make sure your dealer is aware of service bulletin 16-NA-404, it was published in December 2016 and describes reprogramming the TCM for P0747 (P0700 is just the TCM telling the ECM turn turn on the MIL). Reprogramming should resolve the P0747. https://www.repairprocedures.com/bulletins/document/16na404/4641373.html
  8. The 8 Speed is not a jointly developed trans. The 10 Speed yes, the 8 Speed no.
  9. You'll find Kickdown in any truck with an 8 Speed transmission.
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