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    2015 CC Z71 5.3V8
  1. I'm at 46k and about to replace the Goodyears. Still flip flopping between the Nitto TG G2 or the Hankook DynaPro ATM. I had two sets of the Nitto TGs on my 07, they both lasted 50-55k, P metric. As I understand it, the G2 is an improvement over the original TG. I have a local tire dealer that is quoting me $800 for the Hankook and $900 for the Nittos. P275/65/18s. I think I just convinced myself.
  2. Good luck finding a 6 ply!
  3. New Truck Break-in

    What exactly are you getting?
  4. Ipod Playlist View

    I deleted all the songs from my Ipod, then added them back. It corrected the updated song display.
  5. Unfortunately, thats the reason the F150 is still the top selling pickup in America.
  6. Wife's 2011 Toyota Venza, 98,000 miles, I changed the brakes and wiper blades.
  7. Two words: Toyota Tundra
  8. I guess my fish bit/chuggle will disappear with under the 1 cylinder mode.
  9. Imcrazy, you are so right!
  10. First Truck Tire Purchase - Advice Please

    I'm going with the Hankook ATM, 275/65/18.
  11. Ha! I wonder what a 1 cylinder drone will sound like.
  12. 4wd at a dealership near me, $59k.
  13. Nice ride. I'd do a bed cover next.
  14. Nothing, follow your normal service schedule from your owners manual & drive it!
  15. Body lines look a lot like a Tahoe.

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