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  1. I’m on Moto Metal 970s, 20x9, 0 offset with the stock 275/60 Bridgestones.
  2. I decided on and installed the Cognito tubular UCA’s. Install was very easy with no issues at all.
  3. Well, kinda. I took care of things myself by buying 6mm Gorilla hubcentric rings from ReadyLift. They were machined to go from factory hub bore to 106mm bore of the MotoMetal wheels. They were perfect for what I needed and gave me a bit more thread engagement on the studs. https://www.readylift.com/6mm-wheel-spacers-gm-1500-2019-2021.html
  4. Hi, has anyone installed these arms on their truck, I’m wondering what alignment specs you wound up aligning it to. RC and RL give alignment specs but Cognito doesn’t other than saying to set up cross caster and that a professional alignment shop will understand and be able to get it set up. Thanks
  5. Thanks Supercup, I have 0 offset wheels so clearance shouldn’t be an issue. I like both the RL and Cognito, I like that the Cognito ball joint is readily available. They gave me the MOOG part number today and I found it at a lot of places. I’d like to know where I could find the RL one. They gave me a part number but it seems to be their internal number. Plus, RL won’t sell me just the arms, I have to buy the lift kit which I don’t need. Therefore, that has me leaning in the direction of Cognito and now that Bow tie 76 said his Cognitos didn’t squeak I’m pretty much decided.
  6. I called Rough Country about these today. They discontinued the kit these came with and chose to go with the Al arms when they came out with a new kit. Otherwise there is no difference, they even use the same ball joint which is good although you can only get the ball joint from them (so they said). I'm still leaning towards the ReadyLift arms but $120 is sure tempting. I want to speak to ReadyLift and see what the ball joint is in them and if it is readily available just in case 5 years from now I need to replace it.
  7. PureZ71, I installed a Gibson catback on mine, I’ve always loved the way Gibson’s sound. Price was very comparable to to what KW did but I installed myself.
  8. How long/ many miles have you had the RL arms on for?
  9. Firehawk, I am going to drop to 1/2” spacer or get UCA due to the same concerns. This is, like you, even though my angles look the same as my friend’s stock TB.
  10. The Cognito UCA I’m looking at are the same price as the RC arms and cheaper than the RL kit. What don’t you like about the RL ball joint nd have you found an available replacement ball joint for them?
  11. ReadyLift looks pretty good. I only need the arms so I need to see if they sell them by themselves.
  12. Hmmm... I wonder what the story is with them and why they were discontinued in the first place. I’m going to have to call Rough Country. Thanks for the link!!
  13. Hi guys, a little background... I have a 2021 AT4 that I did a 1” level on but I am now worried about upper ball joint failure so I’m looking at replacing the upper control arms. The price point is nearly the same for the Rough Country, Cognito, and ReadyLift arms but would like some input please. Rough Country- Aluminum, rubber bushings, they say the ball joints are replaceable but I haven’t found them, greaseable ball joint. . I like the look of them too. Cognito-poly bushings( squeak down the road?), bolt in Moog ball joint that I’ve found for $60, greaseable bushings, non greaseable ball joint. ReadyLift- very similar to Cognito but with rubber bushings, greaseable ball joint, also says replaceable ball joint but haven’t found it. I’m also considering not worrying as much about it because comparing my ball joint angle to a friend’s stock TrailBoss they look the same. However, the primary purpose of this truck will be to tow my track car and a ball joint failure then could potentially destroy both my vehicles. The other reason I’m concerned is another friend with 2020 GMC (non AT4) just had a ball joint fail and he’s at 3” of lift which is what I’m currently at. I just bought 1/2” leveling kit and for now I’m just going to drop it down a bit until I get the UCA’s. Right now I’m leaning towards ReadyLift I think but would like to hear what others are running. Thanks
  14. Did they also provide a big improvement on the angle of the upper ball joint?
  15. I’m at a 1” Motofab now and am worried. I’m going to drop down to a 1/2” for now while I decide on UCA. I’m leaning towards Cognito’s or ReadyLift, anyone have the Cognito arms? How are they holding up? I really like the Cognitos except for the poly bushings.
  16. 2021 AT4, Moto Metal MO970, 20x9 with 0 offset, 275/60 Bridgestone(stock tires)
  17. I would like to know too as I’m hearing horror stories about leveling TB and AT4’s and upper ball joint issues. I did a 1” level but might remove it for 1/2” based on some things I read. I just had a friend who had a upper ball joint failure with a 3” kit. With my factory lift and the level I’m at 3” so I’m a bit worried. Thanks
  18. I’m starting to think I was supposed to get 78.1mm to 106mm hubcentric rings but didn’t.
  19. Guys, I need assistance and opinions please regarding my setup I just purchased and test fit. The wheels are 20x9, 0 offset Moto Metal MO970 with 106.25mm hub bore. I purchased 3/8” spacers as suggested by Custom Offsets for caliper clearance. The Bora spacers are not hubcentric high concerns me, they fit the stock hub tightly but the wheels only mount lug centric now. That is my first concern and my second is the stud engagement with the spacer installed. I only get about 5.5 to 6 turns on the lug nut before seated (not torqued). I have some crappy 6mm spacers that I test fit and these gave me much better engagement and I could get 8 turns of the lug before seated. CustomOffsets said I was good to go when I called them as they said I had the right spacers and 6 turns of the lug was acceptable. Am I okay running the wheels lug centric? Am I okay with 6 turns of the lug nut on the stud? I’ve found 6mm spacers by ReadyLift that they state go from factory hub bore to 106mm hub bore which I am thinking about getting. Should I go that route? What are others doing, I haven’t found too much info except for info on bigger spacers. Thanks https://www.readylift.com/6mm-wheel-spacers-gm-1500-2019-2021.html
  20. Thanks for the reply. I haven't found out yet. My truck is being built this week so I have a bit yet. Don't think I will swap them on until I'm sure the snow is gone for good too. Thanks Again!
  21. Did the TPMS sensors sync up okay? I have the same wheels and want to mount them on my new truck. Thanks, and the truck looks sharp!!
  22. My 2012 is a lease and is being traded in. The cover is a Truxedo Truxsport, same as on my 2012 which I transferred from my 2009.
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