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  1. Anybody notice a difference with the optional panel installed vs. not? Got my kit installed last night, it’s quiet, quieter than I thought from listening to the YouTube videos. Wondering if I take the panel out will make it any louder??
  2. They will be putting the Dmax in the Trailboss for the 2022s. Just have to pre-order.
  3. Just hit 2000 miles in my 2021 at4 3.0 Dmax. It has been flawless. A great drivetrain.
  4. I really like this setup. Any chance you can measure the rake on your truck? I'm seriously worried about rubbing, the rake can vary on these things.
  5. 2016 Z71 Bilstein 5100s, 18x9 -12mm Ultra Butcher wheels. Falken wildpeak 275/70/18
  6. Fixed mine yesterday by pulling the trim off of my B Pillar and securing the seat-belt pass-through about 1/2 way down the pillar itself. I used sticky felt pads. The loop wiggles side to side on a rivet and contacts the channel on both sides... So far so good.
  7. can we get a picture farther back for point of reference? Also, I'm not finding any how-to instructions to remove the B pillar moldings... i know the 2 bolts on the handle... is it all clips after that?
  8. Any updates on this? Just bought a 2016 Crew and the ticking is going to make me bonkers!
  9. I had the onstar app for my 2015, I could start the truck from my phone through app and never paid a dime. On my 2018 I can't access this feature without subscribing with credit card. What gives?
  10. Did a resonator delete, muffler swap with a 22" magnaflow, and deleted the flapper. I use the Range AFM disabler as well. No regrets. Sounds great, not too loud for cruising. Good throttle response and makes me giggle.
  11. If you have the notorious leaf creak you'd notice every time you back up over uneven terrain, corner, or flex. It's obvious.
  12. By the way, for those interested, you do not need to jack the truck up to accomplish this. I did this on my back in the driveway with a flat pry bar and a flat head screwdriver. Yes, it would be slightly easier with a jack and stands... but even without them it only took me 20 minutes max once I figured out how and where to pry. I doubled up the inner tube later that day - one running parallel with the leaf and a smaller strip running perpendicular at the main point of contact between the leafs. I may swap them out later this season for something a little thicker and rig up something to hold them in place... but so far they've not moved and the creak/popping sounds have completely dissapeared.
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