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  1. If you have the notorious leaf creak you'd notice every time you back up over uneven terrain, corner, or flex. It's obvious.
  2. By the way, for those interested, you do not need to jack the truck up to accomplish this. I did this on my back in the driveway with a flat pry bar and a flat head screwdriver. Yes, it would be slightly easier with a jack and stands... but even without them it only took me 20 minutes max once I figured out how and where to pry. I doubled up the inner tube later that day - one running parallel with the leaf and a smaller strip running perpendicular at the main point of contact between the leafs. I may swap them out later this season for something a little thicker and rig up something to hold them in place... but so far they've not moved and the creak/popping sounds have completely dissapeared.
  3. I just did this to my 2018 z71. It worked. I drove around the neighborhood giggling profusely. $40,000+ vehicle clunking resolved by a $3.00 strip of tubing. O well, grateful I checked the boards before wasting time at the stealership.
  4. For anyone interested a company named "Willmore" makes these that apply over the existing ones but are only available in stainless steel/aluminum diamond plate (unpainted). got mine through realtruck.com
  5. I'm even open to laying the aluminum over the factory... which makes sense if I'm doing the same for the tailgate. Waiting to hear back from DEEZEE about the 2015/2016 models. Anyone tried fitment from other years/makes to see if anything comes close?
  6. I always put these on my trucks... bought a 2015 over the weekend with a 6'5" bed and can't find any company making black diamond plate bed caps for it. Anyone have any or know what companies make them. The obvious go-to is DEEZEE but they're not listed anywhere! I prefer the ones without stake holes for a sleek look. Surely someone else must use these? Cheers! AML
  7. Pics Of Your H.d

    I've been busy. Here's the latest, plus the new toy. http://www.imagebam.com/image/65fe85123743006 http://www.imagebam.com/image/6e68c5123743009
  8. Pics Of Your H.d

    My 2006 rclb 6.0. Traded in my 2006 scsb 4.8. After the dealer replaced the motor for free... no complaints the thing is a work horse. BTW we got another foot of anow a day after this pic was taken. New England is a snowy hell.

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