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  1. I found a ton of info, pics and videos how guys were cutting a bracket shorter in the 2018 and older that allowed the seat back to fold down. I didnt a little mod in my 2017 ford that allowed the same thing. perfect to store umbrellas, old jackets or pants, hunting gear..... by the sounds of it thats not gonna work in the newer model. definitely a bummer.
  2. finishing up a deal on a 2020 CTB. Have seen tons of info on how to cut the bracket on the back seat so it will fold down in 2018 and old models. Has anyone done something similar with the new models? i cant find anything on 2019 or 2020 for this.
  3. that is crazy... i went to that site, picked 5.3 v8 and that option is not there... on the regular custom its the same thing to get the 110v outlet, you had to stay with the smaller engine. just plan crazy... i am haggling between another F150 XL STX and this CTB both at the same MSRP.... GM isnt even coming close to the deal i got with ford and all these little stupid things. storage, 110v outlet, back seat 12v outlets and a few others are there in the ford... so my ford deal is better options and price but this trail boss is just god damn sexy - looking at cajun red, satin steel or northsky blue
  4. you have more details on that? i dont see that option anywhere and looking to buy soon or order a 2020. Maybe on the LT but not on the custom
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