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  1. i strongly agree with the majority of the guys here! I would easily pay $400 a piece for Michelins if they would make them in 22s! I have had Michelins on several vehicles in past, cars, SUVs, and trucks. Never once had an issue and always improved the ride, although some were factory tires. In my earlier life, I spent 14 years in Germany, 3 tours in the Air Force, and ran Michelins on everything I ever owned, even VW beetles! YES, if you have 20s or less, I can guarantee you cannot beat Michelins for ride and handling! Just my experienced opinion based on 69 vehicles owned with at least 40 of them running Michelins!
  2. I have owned 8 trucks and 61 cars in my lifetime, so I have a little experience behind me when I say, my GMC Denali is the best vehicle I have ever owned in my life. The only thing close were my last two Vettes. Last year, when I was posting here calm most daily, I think everyone knew how great I thought my truck was, and it has only gotten better with age. There never was a down side to it, from the day I drove it off the lot on Nov. 7, 2013. Just thought I would share once again.
  3. I have to chime in on this lost mail subject. Since day one I have been amazed at how easy it is to lose any paper product, gas ticket, service receipt, mail, etc. down that tiny opening. Without fail anything you put in the forward opening will eventually disappear down that tine slot and fall under the cup holders. It's almost like there is some sort of suction developing and helping to suck any paper products down there. I am going to stick a piece of foam under the console against the cup holders to fill that opening. Thanks for the idea. Actually, it's not a big deal, especially once you break the code and figure out where everything is disappearing to. In regards to another comment made in this thread concerning air to the back seat. There is a lot of wasted space in the bottom of that console all the way back that could easily allowed for a duct to be run to the back end of the console to supply cooling air. My wife had a '10 Escalade that was set up like that and cooled the back seat almost as good as the front cockpit. I have an 87 year old mother-in-law who lives with us and rides back there on occasion, but she can't tolerate the lack of cooling air in my Denali. Nothing I can't live with, just supporting a previous statement.
  4. Yes, I think it is safe to say $800 is the average price for covering the entire front. I covered every square inch of my front end, including the leading edge of the roof, 15 inches back. I did not cover the headlights or the back of the mirrors. If I had it to do over I would have. I just never thought of those areas. I paid a total of $750 for the Expel Ultimate film. So far, it has proven to be a great investment.
  5. Yes, absolutely 100% worth every penny! I learned the hard way, after getting a couple huge chips during my first trip with 1200 miles on the odometer. I had the chips fixed by the dealer and then installed Xpel over the entire front end and love it. I would do it again in a micro second. There is no down side, even the cost is off set when you consider the investment you are making to protect the front from chips and other road hazards.
  6. TJay is 100% correct. I have had three three trucks dynoed by Alvin, a Hummer H3, '12 Silverado, and my current '14 Denali 6.2L. He will not put a truck on the dyno, although he owns one of the best I have ever seen. He also told me he had one truck's drive shaft come apart once and messed up the truck and his dyno. I have been happy with all my tunes from Alvin, although I am considering getting a spot on Blackbear's next available tuning session to see if there is any noticeable difference. My current PCM for Less tune is 10 months old and seems like it has lost something. It may just be my imagination, but I am curious, since Blackbear evidently has a different approach to performance tuning. Personally, I don't know anyone reputable who will put a truck on a dyne today. Good luck with your decision Gregg.
  7. I agree with Spurshot about Expel's Wax/sealer. It is good stuff. My installer put it on mine when he completed the install and gave me the remainder of the bottle. I have since purchased another bottle. I really like it. When it comes to clear bras there is no down side to Expel, in my opinion.
  8. I can tell you from personal experience, the paint on the front bumpers chip easier than anything I have ever owned. I have a '14 Denali. Shortly after I took delivery of it in November, I drove it from Montgomery to Charlotte, NC to get it tuned. I came back with three small chips and two chips the size of a dime, and those two were deep. I then made approx 6 trips to the dealership body shop getting the deep chips built up enough to sand and buff them out. After they did all they could do, which was pretty good, I found a clear bra guy here in Montgomery. He was magnificent. He used Expel film, supposedly one of the best on the market, and far superior to 3M. It also has a self healing ability...when it gets a nick in it, it will seal itself up again. I am very satisfied with it. I only wish I had done it immediately, before the road trip. However, in the 9 months since I had it covered, I have not gotten one chip or flaw anywhere on the front. I had the entire front end, the A-Posts and the leading edge of the roof, about 15 inches back, all covered for about $750, and I would do it again in a micro second! Hope this helps. My suggestion, if you are considering it, you should do it ASAP! Good luck with your decision. Check the Xpel material, I think you will be impressed with everything you read. OJ
  9. I agree 100%!!! Everything you stated is exactly why I chose the Denali over the HC. Also the ugly brown interior leather seats on the HC. If I had to do it over, I would still take the Denali, hands down! I have added about 8K in mods and accessories, and now mine has a personality all it's own.
  10. I took my Denali in about 3 months ago to get the seat fixed. They ordered a kit to repair it. They called me back the next day to come down and get it repaired. I actually helped the technician (I know him real well) to repair the seat. He removed the seat and put it on a work bench upside down. He then lubed several parts and installed two white plastic clamps. We put it back in and it has been great ever since. I can say, before the repair, it was definitely very unpleasant to drive. Every time you would start, stop, turn left or right, the seat would pop and feel like it was moving with you in it. I don't really think it ever moved a mm, but it sure felt like it moved a couple inches. He did a great job with the repair, however, the test will be to see how long it lasts.
  11. Some pros are good enough and confident enough to install any decal without water. I have used the same decal guy for 0ver 20 years on at least 12 or 15 different vehicles. The most comprehensive decal job was installing the GM factory Pace Car package decals on my '03 50th Anniversary Vette. I was there with him the entire time (over 6 hours) and he never even considered using water. They are perfect and still look like they did in December '02 when he installed them. He has also installed custom decals for me on my last three trucks, including my current '14 GMC Sierra Denali. He has retired now, but will come back to the shop anytime I need him to do something, because I am pretty anal, and in my opinion, he's the absolute best there is! I know there are other great installers, just wanted to share my personal experiences. FWIW, I do like the OPs decal package, but agree, it definitely needs both sides done. I would have used it, instead of my custom job if it were available last November. To the OP, install the other and post some new pics, I'll bet you get more likes. Good luck with it! OJ
  12. OK, it finally happened to me. I have Denali, 6.2, 3.42, crew cab, 6 ft bed, with 4600miles. I took delivery on Nov.7. The first time I noticed the vibration was about two months ago, when I had three other guys in the truck with me on a golf outing. I never noticed it again because I was always alone in the truck. Yesterday, my wife and mother-in-law were riding with me on a 300 mile trip. The truck vibrated consistently from 68 to78 mph. Over 80 it was pretty smooth. I have read most of this thread and still remain confused. By the way, I do have the factory chrome 22" wheels (SEY) and Bridgestone duelers. I dread going through the entire process of tire balancing, drive shaft balancing, etc.. I am convinced that tire balancing is not going to fix this vibration. The other thing is, I have never noticed it when I am alone in the truck. So I guess I am now a new member of a very unfortunate club!!!
  13. Hey RD, did you get the pictures I sent you last week?
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