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  1. I've noticed that when the AC temp is at "low", it's really only cool and not ice cold like my previous GMC trucks. I have to have it on "re-circulating" for the air coming out to be nice and cold.
  2. Fully loaded AT4 with every option except the performance package. Msrp was $64-65k and with zero cash down got locked into a 39 month lease with 12k miles for $668 a month.
  3. Oh man...that was three trucks ago, lol. They were 305/55/20 Toyo Open Country MTs. I had a 2" RC level on it and it BARELY rubbed on full lock reverse.
  4. Just picked up the soft tri-fold from GM Accessories and will be putting it on tonight. I don't expect tonneau covers to be 100% water tight.
  5. Had this same issue with my 2014 SLT. Would lose power steering randomly. Sometimes it would last for a while. Dealer could not fix it so I lemon lawed it and they put me in a 2016 Denali for a hell of a deal.
  6. The fuel economy for me is pretty similar. I do a lot of city driving with a good amount of traffic in the mornings. The 10spd tranny is very smooth FYI.
  7. Thanks. Coming out of my 2016 Denali 6.2 this AT4 feels amazing.
  8. Pull the lever down under the steering wheel then just pull the wheel towards you. Mine was a little tight but it def moves in and out.
  9. Just picked her up Wednesday night. 2019 GMC AT4. 6.2L with premium package, tech package and 20" wheels. Coming from a 2016 Denali, this AT4 is AMAZING. Will probably level it out and stuff some 33 or 34's in there.
  10. Thanks man. It's a 2" level with 305/55/20 Toyo RT's. Rubs the carpet liner just barely at full lock.
  11. Key West actually. Drove down from Tampa to visit the in laws. Truck drove great.
  12. Yeah I know. Lol. I've had that same cover on my 2011, 2014 and now my 2016. It's held up great.
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